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Welcome to Babbel for Business! Our Learner Library contains learning materials as well as tips and tricks to not only help you get started on your language learning journey, but keep you motivated along the way! Don’t worry if you haven’t studied a language in a while (or ever!), the resources on this site are designed to support you and help you reach your goals. Each asset is available in various languages, simply click the resource to find your language.



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blended learning ebook


A guide to language learning in the workplace

Onboarding videos

These onboarding videos will introduce you to the Babbel platform and all of the available features for a seamless start. Happy Babbeling!

How do you learn with Babbel?

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Babbel Professional
The Babbel App

Here you can find a helpful video to get you started with our Babbel platform.

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Babbel Live
Online Group Classes

If your subscription includes Babbel Live, find out how to register, select, and book your 60 minute group lesson here.

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Babbel Intensive
Online Private Lessons

If your subscription includes Babbel Intensive, find out how to book your 30 minute 1:1 session here.

First steps to your language success

Learn more about Babbel in the Learner Guide. Here, you’ll find tips on booking individual and group lessons as well as information on language levels.


Learn how to register your account your Babbel account and start your first lesson here.


Learn how to register your account your Babbel account and book your first Live (group) lesson here.


Learn how to register your account your Babbel account and book your first Intensive (individual) lesson here.


Learn how to book Babbel Live and Intensive classes here.


Click here to understand the language levels used in the Babbel ecosystem.

Advanced Learning

You’ve started out strong! Now that you’ve completed some lessons on the Babbel platform, take your learning to the next level!


How do I align the Live group classes with the lessons I am taking on the Babbel platform?


How do I find workplace content on Babbel?

Learning tips & motivation

Here you will find helpful advice and articles from the Babbel Magazine on some popular themes in language learning including study tips, making time & progress, and overcoming the fear of speaking a new language.


How to have the most successful outcomes with language learning at work.

Blog Post

Motivation: How do you stay driven to learn?

Blog post

How long does it take to learn a language?

Blog post

Tips on how to motivate a team as well as sticking with your language learning journey.

Blog Post

How do you overcome fears when speaking a new language?


Find motivation and develop a learning routine with the following study tips.

Babbel learning experiences

Stay motivated in your language learning journey by engaging in content that is interesting and relevant to you. You will never get bored with our diverse learning experiences all found on the Explore page of the Babbel platform.

These courses will prepare you for important situations in the workplace. To find them, navigate to the Explore tab and click on Courses by topic.

Babbel’s games offer a fun way to review vocabulary between lessons. To play, navigate to the Explore tab and click on the game you’d like to play.

These articles on language, learning, and culture provide a holistic learning experience.

Babbel has to podcasts that you can listen to in your learning language on Spotify or Apple Podcast while you’re at home or on the go. You can even download the transcript to enhance the experience!

Babbel for Business blog

Here you will find information and articles from the Babbel for Business Blog on some popular themes in workplace language learning such as corporate languge learning, creating a learning culture, and incentivizing learning.

Blog post

A comprehensive resource for navigating the dynamic world of language education within the corporate landscape.

Blog post

How to establish a long-lasting and sustainable language learning culture in your organization.

Blog post

The Babbel for Business team has selected different types of employee incentives that can help you motivate your team to maximize language learning success

Need additional support?

Write to our team with any questions regarding your language learning experience. We look forward to hearing from you!