Make Your Learning Initiatives a Success This Year

Lead your team towards a successful year of learning and development with tangible tips and helpful insight into effective training programs.

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The common challenges that L&D managers face

Effective and tangible tips to jumpstart a successful year of learning

How L&D initiatives become success stories

What Babbel for Business can do to help you on this L&D journey

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A new year often brings added pressure for Learning and Development professionals. It’s a time when companies evaluate their achievements and set new goals. L&D is tasked with reviewing the learning progress made by employees and developing their training programs for the year ahead – and there’s no time to waste!

With changing work habits, evolving learning and development initiatives, and new market trends, it has never been more important to invest in your team’s motivation and satisfaction. In our eBook, we walk you through the challenges learning and development managers face in their organizations and some helpful tips for a successful year of learning. You’ll also uncover how language learning with Babbel for Business can strengthen your team, close skill gaps, and become a flexible training program for all employees.


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