Corporate Language Learning

Corporate language learning is a valuable investment to help improve employee satisfaction while expanding your business internationally.

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What are the benefits of having a multilingual team?

Find out more about Babbel for Business and how upskilling your team can significantly help your business.

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companies already use Babbel for Business for their corporate language training


of US employers lost business due to lack of foreign language skills


employers rely heavily on employees who can speak a language other than English

Why invest in business language training?

Improve employee satisfaction​​

A study found 70% of employees wish for language courses in the workplace

Promote company

Corporate language learning helps encourage a diverse company culture


Speaking a foreign language can help improve communication within your business

Increase international

Language learning for businesses helps expand your clients overseas

The benefits of choosing Babbel for language training

Suited to all learning styles

Babbel offers a range of learning materials, from bite-sized lessons to games and podcasts, meaning all learners can find a method that’s best for them.

Created by experts

Babbel’s lessons are designed by over 150 professional linguists across 14 languages.

Ongoing support for your company​

With Babbel for Business, you’ll have the opportunity to work closely with our Customer Success team to ensure success of your language learning goals and track consistent progress

Our blended learning approach​

Babbel for Business offers a range of solutions for your business’s language learning. Our blended learning method allows you to combine the Babbel app with tutored video lessons

Over 2,000 satisfied companies

Our blended learning solutions

Virtual classes

Join a virtual class with a certified tutor at a time that best suits your schedule. Combined with the Babbel app, this blended learning approach helps learners build confidence through real-life conversations and can fast track language learning.

The Babbel app

Access 13,000 hours’ worth of tailored learning content on the go with our award-winning Babbel app. Our self-study solution offers bite-sized courses in 14 different languages, as well as games, podcasts and business-based content for specific industries.

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Ready to start?

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What is corporate language training?

Corporate language training is language learning that focuses on developing practical, real-life conversations that are directly related to your business’s needs. It’s essential for companies to take strategic steps forward in their communication strategy, especially if they have multilingual teams. Clear communication creates optimal results, strong teams, a safe work environment, and a healthy company culture.

Babbel for Business’s corporate language solution offers entertaining and tailored content for many different industries. We combine different learning techniques and integrate them into everyday life to make the process significantly more engaging and effective. Our lessons are designed by language learning experts for learners’ native languages and can be completed anytime, anywhere, making it a great option for busy teams that work on different schedules.

What are the benefits of corporate language training for employees?

Learning a new language offers many advantages for companies including better internal communication between multilingual teams, a safer work environment overall, enhanced customer service, increased efficiency and productivity, and an ability to fuel company growth.  

Work processes will be optimized across teams, leading to seamless collaboration and streamlined projects that reduce errors and improve overall productivity. Corporate language training is also essential for companies that are required to follow certain safety procedures. You’ll be able to equip your employees with the language skills necessary to understand protocols and reduce accidents as a result. Corporate language learning will also help to build trust with your customer base and increase overall satisfaction with the work done.

Do you offer corporate English training online?

Yes, we do! We offer catered English training for companies to help learners acquire the specific vocabulary, cultural etiquette, and social skills needed for both internal and external communication for their profession. Through our corporate English training courses, learners will practice their new language with specialized job-related content for various industries and settings. The digital format enables everyone to start at their learning level and practice at a pace that suits them. Multilingual teams that utilize Babbel’s corporate English training will experience better internal communication, faster and smoother project completion, and fewer mistakes or delays with production that can lead to unsafe work conditions.

How does Babbel for Business’s corporate language training work?

Babbel for Business’s corporate language training is unique in our approach to learning. One of our most popular solutions is a blended learning package, which combines the flexibility and benefits of online self-study with the effectiveness of traditional teaching methods. Corporate learners can participate in language courses through the Babbel app and classes with certified teachers. We also have other ways to supplement corporate language training, which include podcasts, additional reading materials, and games. One advantage to our solution is that busy learners can practice their new language at a time and place that works best for them, whether that’s on a lunch break or on the commute home from work.