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The Benefits of Learning a New Language for Your Company

What’s the Difference Between Babbel and Babbel for Business?
The ability to communicate in multiple languages is more valuable than ever. Babbel has been at the forefront...
Professional Landscaping Team Working In Garden
How Language Barriers Affect Safety in the Workplace (and What You Can Do About It)
In this post, we explore the impact of language barriers on workplace safety. We also share some practical...
Young business people are smiling and talking freely with their Business English skills in a meeting.
How to Improve Your Team’s Business English and Communication Skills
Find out how to avoid workplace misunderstandings due to a lack of Business English skills.
The 4 Types of Communication Styles—and How Language Learning Can Strengthen Them
We explain the four types of communication styles and how you can develop them with language learning.
Lächelnde junge Geschäftsleute stehen außerhalb des Büros und kommunizieren über einen Erfolg.
Effective Communication Skills for the Workplace
What are the most important communication skills in the workplace? Find actionable strategies & examples...
language skills for sports press conferences
Helping Your Team Excel at Public Speaking in Another Language
Public speaking in a foreign language can be intimidating. Here's what team leads can do to support their...
Smiling employees are learning a language in a cafeteria.
5 Ways to Achieve Your Company’s Language Learning Goals With Babbel
International growth objectives are undoubtedly reshaping the ways we do business, making now a better...
Why Learning Another Language Is Important for US Companies