Spanish for Business

The workforce today is increasingly multilingual and international, which means miscommunication can easily happen across teams. Learning Spanish for business can improve communication and lead to fewer misunderstandings that could slow or delay projects. Babbel for Business offers catered courses for Spanish language training, so staff can better communicate with each other and with customers.

Why invest in learning Spanish?


 most spoken language in the US is Spanish


of the US population are Spanish speakers


employees wish for language courses in the workplace


US employers lost business due to lack of foreign language skills

Benefits of learning Spanish for business professionals

Seamless internal communication

Multilingual workers that engage in Spanish language training better communicate with team members and complete tasks efficiently.

Team growth

Learning Spanish for business is an investment in a team’s growth at the company and establishes a diverse and inclusive company culture.

Flexible and effective learning

Our lessons incorporate specialized vocabulary with a focus on Spanish for business communication, as well as job-related content for a range of professions and industries.

Increased profitability

Spanish language training can help prevent misunderstandings and mistakes between workforces that cause an unnecessary increase in expenses.

Benefits for business customers

Customer Success






Over 1000 satisfied companies

Serge Desjardins, Senior Manager
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“Learners can be exposed to their new language every day, even just for 15 minutes, which can be more effective than a one-hour class once per week.”

John Shin, Director of Risk Management
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“It’s priceless. You’re able to speak with your crew in Spanish, and it builds camaraderie and trust. Our people enjoy it. We’ve had nothing but positive feedback.”

A participating Sodexo employee
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“I could listen to expressions, repeat them, and listen to them as many times as I wanted.”

Mary Arfeli, VP of Sales
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“I would recommend Babbel to other companies: It’s practical and very interactive. I would encourage the combination of 1:1 lessons with the app for the most efficiency.”


Interested in learning more?

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Babbel for Business’s digital language courses are a perfect way to incorporate Spanish language training into the workplace. Employees learn practical, job-related vocabulary that they can use in day-to-day conversations with team members and customers. The digital format allows everyone to begin at their own learning level, practice at a time that is convenient for them, and review specific topics.

With an increasingly international workforce, it’s important to keep your company ahead of the competition. Incorporating Spanish for business professionals is an investment towards a more collaborative and open team culture, which will set your business apart and be an ideal place to work for employees. If you have a multilingual staff, Spanish language classes can strengthen communication and build camaraderie across teams.

Babbel is unique in that we incorporate a blended learning method for our language courses. Through this structure, we combine independent learning in our language platform with online video lessons that are hosted by a certified teacher. We also provide content that focuses on specific industries and fields, so students develop practical skills for on-the-job communication.

The benefits of corporate language training go farther than improving internal and external communication across teams. Training the brain promotes innovation, autonomy, and strategic thinking. Multimedia learning activates all the senses while promoting creativity. Sharing a common learning experience also strengthens cohesion across teams and promotes and open and inclusive company culture, with a focus on lifelong learning.