Ensure Workplace Safety Through Language Skills

Read about the influence communication barriers have on safety in the workplace and how to successfully implement a language training program.

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Learn about the consequences of language weak spots on your business

Find out who is most at risk for workplace accidents

Discover the most common communication mistakes multilingual teams make

Learn how to successfully implement a language training program to improve safety

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While it’s not dangerous to know only one language in everyday life in the US, there can be more serious consequences for language barriers in the workplace. They can be harmful, and even worse, fatal. Workplace accidents not only endanger the lives of employees but also result in significant financial losses for businesses. Addressing language proficiency in the workplace is therefore crucial for ensuring safety and productivity.

In this eBook, we will explore the intersection of language learning and workplace safety, providing practical strategies and best practices for the implementation of language learning programs. Together, let’s create a safer and more inclusive work environment.

language learning for the US business

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Learning & Development managers

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