Babbel as a Corporate Benefit

Are you looking for a flexible and engaging employee benefit that offers real added value? Babbel for Business’s online language courses provide flexible learning and improved employee satisfaction.

Why invest in language learning?


of employees would like training in business English


of companies think multilingual teams lead to more innovation


employees wish for language courses in the workplace


US employers lost business due to lack of foreign language skills

More employee satisfaction

Learning a new language is a personal development goal for many people. With Babbel for Business, it’s particularly easy to achieve it.


Foreign language skills promote improved communication abilities. This has a positive impact on multicultural teams and the overall work environment.

More diversity

Learning languages automatically exposes participants to foreign cultures. This increases awareness of the value of diversity and promotes a cosmopolitan company culture.

Why choose Babbel for Business?


of users are happy learning with Babbel for Business


faster language learning success than other services


of our learners have achieved their language goals


of first time users said they would continue to use Babbel

Our blended learning solutions

Virtual classes

Join a virtual class with a certified tutor at a time that best suits your schedule. Combined with the Babbel app, this blended learning approach helps learners build confidence through real-life conversations and can fast track language learning.

The Babbel app

Access 13,000 hours’ worth of tailored learning content on the go with our award-winning Babbel app. Our self-study solution offers bite-sized courses in 14 different languages, as well as games, podcasts and business-based content for specific industries.

Over 2,000 satisfied companies

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What is Babbel for Business and how does it work?

Babbel for Business is an e-learning platform for language learning designed for companies and organizations. Learning takes place by app on a smartphone or tablet as well as via the web on a computer. Language skills can be further reinforced in online lessons with certified teachers.

Babbel’s learning content is not generated by an algorithm, but by people, for people, and it’s continually developed with the linguistic expertise of our 150-person Didactics Team. All Babbel language courses are tailored to the learner’s native language. The courses train vocabulary, grammar, using the language in real conversations as well as reading and listening comprehension.

One lesson takes 15 minutes on average, which allows learning to be integrated flexibly into a daily routine. Learners can individually choose the content and topics for their level and professional area.

What benefits do companies get from Babbel’s digital language learning solution?

Learning Business English and other languages with Babbel for Business has many advantages. Companies that focus on language learning:

  • Prepare themselves for the increasing requirements of the international business world.
  • Optimize work processes in multilingual teams
    Encourage employee communication skills in a goal-oriented way.
  • Promote an integrative team culture where self-confidence and performance are increased.
  • Optimize their employer branding as appealing and internationally focused.
    Focus on a pedagogically grounded language learning solution with minimal effort to set up or maintain and high ROI