Language Learning for Safety

Language learning is an essential investment to help prevent accidents and improve safety in the workplace.

language learning for safety

1 in 4

job-related accidents cite language barriers as a contributing factor


of the US labor force is foreign-born


employers rely heavily on employees who can speak a language other than English

What are the benefits of having a multilingual team?

Find out more about Babbel for Business and how language learning can significantly help your business.

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Why invest in business language training?

Improve workplace safety

Clear written and verbal communication is essential for a safe and operational work environment

Save money

Language learning can help you potentially save thousands of dollars in workers’ compensation and hazard pay

Streamline onsite communication

Employees can better speak up for themselves and communicate immediately when a need arises

Increase efficiency and productivity

Corporate language learning helps to streamline projects, reduce errors, and improve overall productivity

The benefits of choosing Babbel for language training

Suited to all learning styles

Babbel offers a range of learning materials, from bite-sized lessons to games and podcasts, meaning all learners can find a method that’s best for them.

language courses for the finantial sector

Created by experts

Babbel’s lessons are designed by over 150 professional linguists across 14 languages.

Ongoing support for your company​

With Babbel for Business, you’ll have the opportunity to work closely with our Customer Success team to ensure success of your language learning goals and track consistent progress

Our blended learning approach​

Babbel for Business offers a range of solutions for your business’s language learning. Our blended learning method allows you to combine the Babbel app with tutored video lessons

Over 2,000 satisfied companies

Our blended learning solutions

Virtual classes

Join a virtual class with a certified tutor at a time that best suits your schedule. Combined with the Babbel app, this blended learning approach helps learners build confidence through real-life conversations and can fast track language learning.

The Babbel app

Access 13,000 hours’ worth of tailored learning content on the go with our award-winning Babbel app. Our self-study solution offers bite-sized courses in 14 different languages, as well as games, podcasts and business-based content for specific industries.

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Why is workplace safety important?

A safe and operational work environment requires clear written and verbal communication, especially when team members speak different languages. When there are language barriers, it’s challenging for workers to understand or relay information about unsafe job-site conditions.

Language barriers can complicate the communication of safety information, which could increase the risk of injury. When a non-English speaking worker doesn’t understand the safety training material or cannot effectively communicate with team members, it can lead to higher safety incidents or even fatalities on the job. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 5,190 fatal work injuries recorded in the United States in 2021.

Why is effective communication essential on the job?

Effective communication is essential in any business, but even more so with multilingual teams. The ability to communicate effectively and efficiently affects everything from company culture and employee satisfaction to workplace safety.

The US Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires employers to provide training in a language and vocabulary that workers can understand, but that doesn’t always ensure on-the-job communication.

Equipping employees with language learning helps them communicate more effectively with their team and speak up when a need arises.

How do I promote safety in the workplace?

Communication and safety go hand-in-hand. By taking strategic steps forward in your communication and language learning strategy, you could make a massive difference in your company’s workplace safety.

With Babbel for Business, multilingual teams can improve language fluency for safer worksites and effective conversations between colleagues and customers. Through our blended learning method, which combines the flexibility and benefits of online self-study with the effectiveness of traditional teaching methods, your employees can practice through the app or take group or 1:1 classes to gain the confidence needed to speak up at the jobsite when an emergency arises.

Do you offer specific workplace safety content?

Yes, we do! We offer catered workplace safety courses for companies to help learners acquire the specific vocabulary and social skills needed to communicate about an emergency quickly and effectively.

Through our courses, learners will also practice their new language with specialized job-related content for their industry. Our digital format also lets learners start at their own learning level and practice at a pace that suits them. To further your learners’ safety content, consider enrolling in our group or 1:1 classes.