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Welcome to Babbel for Business! You will find learning materials to accompany and complement your start with Babbel. You will also find tools to get you started on the platform and tips to motivate you on an exciting language-learning journey – with Babbel, you’ll soon be speaking even if you haven’t learned a language in a long time. Each asset is available in various languages; click on the resource and find your language.



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blended learning ebook


A guide to language learning in business

Onboarding videos

In these onboarding videos, you’ll learn what to expect when learning with Babbel in the coming months. Happy Babbling!

How do you learn with Babbel?

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Babbel Professional
The Babbel App

Here you can find a helpful video to get you started with our Babbel platform.
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Babbel Live
Online Group Classes

Babbel Live includes group lessons. This video shows you how to register, select and book your class.
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Babbel Intensive
Online Private Lessons

If your subscription includes Babbel Intensive, find out more on how to book your 1:1 online sessions in this video.

First steps to your language success

Learn more about Babbel and how to register in the Learner Guide. You’ll also find tips on booking private and group lessons and information on language levels. Soon you’ll be fluent in your learning language!


Have a look here on how to set up your account for Babbel Professional.


Here you will find information on Babbel Live. Read more about setting up an account and booking group lessons.


Get to know Babbel Intensive and learn how to register and book your first online 1:1 lesson.


Read more about how to book your Babbel Live and Intensive classes.


Discover more on language levels and on the framework of reference.

Advanced Learning

You’ve made a strong start! If you have mastered the first steps with Babbel, you can now dedicate yourself to advanced learning and take your language learning to the next level.


How do I connect my Babbel course with the live group classes?


How do I find business language content on Babbel?

Learning tips & motivation

Here you will find helpful learning tips and selected articles from Babbel Magazine on language learning to help you get a better feel for your learning language.


How can language learning at work have the most successful outcome?

Blog Post

Motivation: How do you stay driven to learn?

Blog post

The following tips will help you keep track of your personal learning goals

Blog post

What do you learn and how do you organise your learning time?

Blog Post

How do you overcome fears when speaking a new language?


Find your learning motivation and routine with the following study tips

Babbel learning experiences

Find motivation and joy in learning through our diverse learning experiences. All of these materials, and more, can be found under the explore page once you log in.

Get ready for important situations in your job with these courses. Go to Explore Babbel and simply click on courses by topic.

Review your vocabulary between lessons in a fun way with games from Babbel. Go to Explore Babbel and simply click on Games.

Discover articles about language, learning, and culture.

Listen to podcasts in your learning language on Spotify or Apple Podcast while you’re at home or on the go.

Babbel for Business blog

Here you will find helpful learning tips and selected articles from the Babbel for Business blog to help you get a better feel for your learning language.

Blog post

What is talent development, why is it important, and what kind of benefits will it bring to your company?

Blog post

What is lifelong learning and why is it important?

Blog post

Where are language skills essential these days?

Need additional support?

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