Scientific Findings on Learning Success

Discover the effectiveness of the Babbel Method for learning a new language at your company and why it’s different from other options out there.

Scientific Findings on Learning Success | Babbel for Business US

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What a Yale University study discovered about learning with Babbel

Why 15 minutes a day is all you need when learning a new language

How our Didactics team creates tailored courses for companies and industries

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In a global business world, there are endless reasons for learning a new language, whether it’s to provide top customer service, communicate with international business partners, or collaborate in multilingual teams. However, when many people think of learning a new language, they picture long hours in the classroom, boring textbooks, and arduous memorization.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! Throw away everything you know about language learning and get ready to immerse yourself in a method that is fun, effective, and even scientifically proven. In this report, you will discover how the Babbel Method works, its core didactic principles, and what learning with Babbel for Business entails.

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