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Uncover why business English is an important skill for US-based companies to invest in and why Babbel for Business can give teams the skills needed for customer and internal communication.

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Business English is the most common language used in the workplace today, with most companies using it for their own internal processes. However, nearly 20% of the US workforce is foreign-born. And while employees may have mastered everyday English, it may not be enough to feel comfortable speaking in professional situations.

But why should US-based companies invest in business English? Aren’t US-based workers already immersed in the English language? In our booklet, we share the importance of business English courses for US companies and how learners can acquire the specific vocabulary, social skills, and cultural etiquette needed for customer conversations or business negotiations. We’ve also collected facts, insights, and tips that will benefit your learners.

The success of your business and the satisfaction of your workers depends on internal communication that works. Clear communication creates strong teams and a healthy company culture. This guide will help you rethink effective communication in your multilingual workforce, so you can move past language barriers and have a more efficient team.

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