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Babbel for Business is a language learning provider for companies looking to improve their internal and external communication, invest in multilingual teams, and enhance their professional development programs.


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Our story

Founded in 2007, Babbel is a leader in the language learning industry, boasting over one million subscribers. With offices in Berlin and New York, our team of more than 1,000 individuals from over 80 countries strives to make language learning accessible to everyone.

After 10 years of success in the consumer marketplace, Babbel formed Babbel for Business to specifically help businesses and their employees learn languages. Today, over 2,000 companies from a range of industries, including construction, manufacturing, and agriculture, use Babbel for Business as a part of their internal communication efforts and professional development programs.

Our method

The Babbel Method was created by a team of experienced language learning experts to deliver essential information to our memories at the right time. Rather than impart as much information as possible all at once, it focuses on manageable learning units, practical content, and systematic review.

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