How Start-ups and Tech Companies Benefit from Language Learning

Babbel für Start-ups und Tech-Unternehmen

Are you looking for a language-learning solution that is as fast-paced and game-changing as your business start-up? Look no further! Here’s how Babbel can benefit employees in the world of tech.

Take one look at our Babbel for Business customer base and you might notice they have one thing in common: innovation. The companies that seek out Babbel tend to reflect our product: they’re innovative, agile, effective, and constantly pushing boundaries.

We’ve teamed up with Sodexo and tech giant Conrad (just to name a few) to provide their multinational teams with the tools they need to communicate across cultures — and in doing so, we like to think we’re helping make the digital landscape even more diverse, groundbreaking, and connected. Here’s how Babbel can benefit your start-up or tech company.

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How can the tech industry benefit from language learning?

In our eBook “Multilingual Communication in the Tech Industry,” we will show you how soft skill training leads your international company to success. Download it now for free!

Why is language learning important for start-ups and tech companies?

Language learning holds significant importance for start-ups and tech companies for various reasons:

  1. Global Market Reach
    In today’s interconnected world, start-ups and tech companies often aim to expand their reach beyond national borders. Learning different languages enables these companies to effectively communicate with potential customers, partners, and clients in various regions, thereby tapping into international markets.
  2. Cultural Understanding
    Language is deeply intertwined with culture. Learning the language of a target market helps companies gain a better understanding of local customs, traditions, and consumer behaviors. This cultural insight is invaluable for tailoring products, services, and marketing strategies to specific audiences.
  3. Effective Communication
    Clear and direct communication is crucial in any business environment. Learning the language of partners or clients enhances communication, minimizes misunderstandings, and fosters stronger business relationships. This is particularly important when negotiating contracts, discussing technical details, or addressing customer concerns.
  4. Customer Support
    Tech companies often provide customer support to users around the world. Being able to offer customer service in the user’s native language builds trust and satisfaction. It can also expedite problem-solving, leading to a positive user experience.
  5. Market Research
    Language proficiency enables start-ups and tech companies to conduct more accurate and insightful market research. They can analyze local trends, user preferences, and competitor strategies by studying content and conversations in the target language.
  6. Localization
    Language learning is closely tied to localization efforts. Tech products and services need to be adapted to different languages and cultural contexts. Learning these languages internally can streamline the localization process and ensure higher-quality translations.
  7. Networking Opportunities
    Language skills open doors to networking and collaboration opportunities. Start-ups and tech companies can attend international conferences, workshops, and events, forging connections with potential investors, partners, and experts from diverse backgrounds.
  8. Recruitment and Talent Acquisition
    Multilingual proficiency can be an attractive skill when recruiting international talent. It allows companies to hire team members who can seamlessly communicate with colleagues and clients from different parts of the world.
  9. Innovation and Creativity
    Learning new languages can stimulate creativity and innovative thinking. Exposure to different linguistic structures and idiomatic expressions can lead to fresh perspectives and ideas, which are vital for tech companies in a competitive landscape.
  10. Adaptability
    Start-ups and tech companies often need to pivot and adapt quickly to changing circumstances. Language learning reflects an adaptive mindset and a willingness to embrace new challenges, qualities that are highly beneficial in the dynamic tech industry.

In summary, language learning empowers start-ups and tech companies to expand their horizons, communicate effectively, understand diverse markets, and build stronger relationships. It’s a strategic investment that contributes to their growth, competitiveness, and overall success in a globalized business environment.

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Key benefits to learning a new language for start-ups and tech companies

Learning a second language has a lot of benefits for your company. Start-ups and tech companies can expect these positive changes:

  1. Strive in a fast-moving industry
    The tech and start-up industry is fast-moving. Decisions are made and changes are implemented faster than in any other industry. To work in the world of tech is to become accustomed to flexibility, speed, and collaboration, and that’s why our products fit perfectly within this environment.
  2. Bond your diverse and international workforce
    Start-ups and tech companies have increasingly diverse workforces with coders, writers, marketers, and leaders headhunted from all over the world. Offering your employees the opportunity to learn a new language will help your colleagues to connect and transcend cultural boundaries and open their minds to different ideals and values. This inter-connectedness is especially beneficial to start-ups and tech companies, where team collaboration is key to success, and socializing is championed as a team benefit.
  3. Attract and retain international talent
    HR teams in start-ups and tech companies are increasingly looking beyond the borders of their countries and hiring international talent, so offering a language-learning solution tailored to their situation that guides them through the nuances of a new language will increase employee motivation and retention and also help the individual settle into their new home.
  4. Empower your employees
    In tech companies, it’s common for the company language to be English, but for those who speak it as a second language, Business English is a totally new concept. Babbel enables your employees to feel confident communicating in Business English at their own pace.
  5. Build relationships with international clients
    Additionally, business start-ups and tech companies work with global investors and suppliers. Being able to communicate successfully in a common language, navigating cultural differences, and avoiding miscommunication are all crucial to building strong, lasting relationships.
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How Babbel is helping companies to strive

Babbel for Business offers a totally flexible learning experience. Your employees can choose their language and learn effectively at their individual level and at their own pace — whether that’s during their lunch break, on their way home, or during a coffee break with colleagues.

Blended learning for the best learning success

Babbel for Business offers various business packages, from Babbel Professional which offers access to the language learning platform to the goal-oriented blended learning solutions, Babbel Live and Babbel Intensive:

  • Babbel Live combines the online courses on the platform with tailored live group lessons via video, conducted by a professional teacher.
  • Babbel Intensive offers a highly individual approach with a mix of online courses and 1:1 live video classes for the fastest learning success.

These blended learning solutions enable your employees to do 15-minute bite-size lessons on the language learning platform and have the opportunity to participate in video classes where they’re able to ask a native-speaker language-related questions and put their new skills into practice.

Everybody in your team will have access to the same features, which means they can work together to keep each other motivated. We actively encourage language lunches or foreign film nights to keep the learners engaged, get them to speak, and become closer as a team, too!

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Why start-ups and tech companies love Babbel

We’re particularly pleased with our partnership with Scout24. This company helps people find new homes in Germany and, with a team spanning 56 countries, they wanted to make sure their employees were as connected as their customers. Their motto is “Diversity Drives Innovation,” and their aim was to reflect that concept in their workforce.

The team was given full access to Babbel and in their own time were able to build up the confidence to speak to each other in a new language in a real-life setting. Jesko Schäfermann, Vice President People, Organisation & Culture, said that “a modern tool like Babbel increases our employees’ intercultural understanding and their enthusiasm for learning.” We’re happy to hear that, Jesko!

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Babbel is born from the same ethos

Babbel doesn’t just benefit employees — it’s a winner for companies, too! In an increasingly competitive market with tech employees getting snapped up quicker than you can say “Google,” your company can stay one step ahead of the competition by offering useful, tech-savvy, and relevant perks such as Babbel. We like to think of it as just one more way to help your company change the world as we know it.

Ultimately, though, perhaps we work so well with start-ups and tech because that’s exactly what we do ourselves. Babbel is born from the same ethos: to disrupt the language industry, to re-imagine everything we thought we knew about learning, and to tailor that knowledge to fit our new, digital era. So it’s no wonder we get along pretty well with ground-breaking companies. We’re one ourselves!

ebook Multilingual Communication in Tech Companies Babbel for Business

How can the tech industry benefit from language learning?

In our eBook “Multilingual Communication in the Tech Industry,” we will show you how soft skill training leads your international company to success. Download it now for free!

Interested in language learning? Just get in touch, our team would love to hear from you! 

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