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With Babbel, employees are motivated to learn English and improve their speaking and writing skills for everyday professional life.

About the customer

Conrad Electronic, a family-owned company founded in 1923, is one of the leading omnichannel providers. As Conrad is an international company with subsidiaries in 16 European countries, English is essential to keep everyday business running smoothly.
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Babbel Intensive

The challenge

At Conrad, the goal is to further increase language skills across the company, specifically Business English skills. Previously, the option for learning languages was in classes at fixed times, but they were difficult for employees to fit into their daily schedules, so the groups were often small. Conrad needed a language learning solution that employees could use when and where they wanted.

“For our employees, it’s important to understand the language, but also to be able to accurately express themselves in speaking and writing.”

Alexandra Fenzl, HR Development Expert at Conrad Electronic SE

Why Babbel?

Conrad Electronic offers language learning with Babbel Intensive on its internal training platform. It’s used by employees of all ages and levels both at the headquarters and in retail stores.

With the 15-minute Babbel lessons, Conrad employees use the app to learn to read, write, understand, and speak, depending on what they’re interested in. They can put together their lessons based on what they already know and set their own individual pace. If they want to, they can also combine the app with 1:1 video lessons with professional teachers, to work on relevant topics in a more focused way. “The feedback is consistently positive, and, even after a year, the interest hasn’t gone down,” says Alexandra Fenzl, HR Development Expert at Conrad Electronic SE.

“With Babbel, our employees are no longer tied to fixed times. They can open the app when and where it works for them and use the short lessons to build on and extend their language knowledge.”


With the Babbel courses on their internal training platform, Conrad Electronic offers their employees an attractive, flexible corporate benefit for learning English and benefits from smoother communication in their workforce.

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