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Targeting new market segments with language learning

About the customer

OneShare Health facilitates the sharing of medical expenses and provides a unique and affordable path to healthcare across the United States.
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The challenge

OneShare Health had numerous customer-facing team members that were only able to communicate with clients in English. However, in the United States, the second most commonly spoken language is Spanish. To cater to a wider market and customer base, they wanted to train these customer-facing employees to learn Spanish, unlocking new business value and opportunities for the organization – and providing elevated customer support.

We spoke to Mary Arfeli, VP of Sales, who worked on finding a solution with her team. She wanted learners to reach an advanced level as soon as possible, so she needed a language learning solution that was fast and effective. 

“In healthcare, you have to be fluent. Customers’ questions need to be addressed clearly, as the industry lingo can be challenging,” Arfeli explained. 

The language training also had to fit the company’s working style. Many employees work remotely, so Arfeli needed an online solution.

Why Babbel?

Arfeli chose Babbel’s language learning platform because it is dynamic, affordable, user-friendly, and even allows for seats to be transferred when necessary. With Babbel for Business, the team also has access to 1:1 video lessons with professional instructors. This option was a key factor in the decision, as OneShare Health wanted learners to make fast progress.

“Our onboarding was very smooth. Our customer success manager has been phenomenal. He set clear expectations from the beginning and helped us formulate goals for our learners.

Mary Arfeli, VP of Sales, OneShare Health

To ensure learners would stay on track and learn the most relevant vocabulary, they started off with one of our many Business Spanish courses, which included lessons for phone conversations, emails, and presentations. These courses are ideal for many customers because they focus on the vocabulary necessary to perform a specific job. 

The feedback from learners has been overwhelmingly positive. They especially enjoy the individual classes!

“The 1:1 lessons are very easy to organize. I could conveniently choose a teacher and schedule a class at a time that worked with my schedule.”

Customer support employee at OneShare Health

As Arfeli wanted to ensure her learners were progressing, she utilized the usage reports available in Babbel’s admin dashboard to follow along and see how many lessons and minutes each learner spent on the platform.


Babbel offers OneShare Health a flexible language learning solution that employees can use while working remotely and fit into busy schedules, enabling them to learn Spanish effectively and create new business value for the organization. Mary concludes:

“I would recommend Babbel to other companies: It’s practical and very interactive. I would encourage the combination of 1:1 lessons with the app for the most efficiency!”

Mary Arfeli

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