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Improving employees’ language skills and building a positive team culture

About the customer

Monarch Landscape is a leading commercial landscaping company that offers landscaping, construction, arbor, and infrastructure services across the US.
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The challenge

Monarch Landscape was facing significant challenges in providing opportunities for employee growth and maintaining qualified workers. John Shin, Director of Risk Management, realized that Monarch needed to offer programs that would help employees improve their careers within the company, communicate more effectively with clients, and build camaraderie with other colleagues—while staying true to the company’s goals and values.

With a growing workforce and ambitious acquisition plans, it became crucial to find a solution that could cater to the diverse language needs of their employees and facilitate professional development within Monarch.

Why Babbel?

After hearing positive feedback from a branch manager who used Babbel for personal reasons, Shin looked into the Babbel platform for everyone. After thorough research and comparison with other language learning solutions, Babbel stood out as the most suitable option. They found the platform to be user-friendly and effective for their needs. Its interactive and engaging features, such as the games and cultural bites, coupled with its specific courses for the landscaping industry in both English and Spanish, made it an ideal choice for the company’s diverse workforce.

“We try to provide the right programs to our employees that fit with our company’s goals and values to maintain Monarch’s position as a strong landscape company.”

John Shin, Director of Risk Management

Shin elaborated further, saying “When we look at a program, we also have to look at the type of employees we have. We have employees that are Hispanic. Most of them don’t speak English, and this is another reason why we like Babbel, because a lot of our branch managers and account managers are learning Spanish, so they can communicate more efficiently with employees.”

Since implementing Babbel, Monarch has seen a noticeable increase in engagement across teams. Employees have shown a strong commitment to language learning, investing significant hours in the program to pursue career advancement opportunities. The positive impact of Babbel is evident in employees’ aspirations for promotions and their improved ability to interact with clients and colleagues. The program has not only facilitated effective communication within the company but has also contributed to building camaraderie and trust among the workforce.

“The program has empowered employees to pursue promotions and better interact with clients and colleagues,” Shin said. “We get the weekly uses. And I already know some of the people that are putting hundreds of hours in, they want to be a supervisor, so you can tell.”

The positive feedback and high demand for Babbel so far have prompted Monarch Landscape to purchase additional licenses and expand the program to accommodate more employees. The company’s proactive approach to employee development and empowerment reflects its commitment to nurturing a skilled and diverse workforce.

“It’s priceless. You’re able to speak with your crew in Spanish, and it builds camaraderie and trust. Our people enjoy it. We’ve had nothing but positive feedback.”

As Monarch Landscape continues its growth trajectory, it looks forward to leveraging Babbel as a catalyst for fostering professional growth, enhancing communication, and maintaining a strong, cohesive organizational culture.


Babbel has not only addressed Monarch Landscape’s challenges in employee development and communication but has also proved to be a pivotal tool for fostering a positive and inclusive work environment. 

The program’s user-friendly nature, engaging features, and the exceptional support provided by the Babbel team have contributed to a successful partnership that aligns with Monarch’s vision for growth and employee development. Babbel’s impact extends beyond language learning, as it has become an integral part of Monarch Landscape’s efforts to empower its workforce and drive sustained success in the competitive landscaping industry.

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