Babbel as a Corporate Benefit

Are you looking for a flexible and engaging employee benefit that offers real added value? Babbel for Business’s online language courses provide flexible learning and improved employee satisfaction.

Why invest in language learning?

82 %

of employees would like training in Business English

67 %

of companies think multilingual teams lead to more innovation


employees wish for language courses in the workplace


US employers lost business due to lack of foreign language skills

Junge, lächelnde Frau lernt eine Sprache an ihrem Arbeitsplatz in einem Großraumbüro.

More employee satisfaction

Learning a new language is a personal development goal for many people. With Babbel for Business, it’s particularly easy to achieve it.

Better understanding

Foreign language skills promote improved communication abilities. This has a positive impact on multicultural teams and the overall work environment.

Lächelnde Mitarbeiter:innen sitzen beim Mittagessen und haben eine positive Employee Experience.
Happy employees who are learning in a course.

More diversity

Learning languages automatically exposes participants to foreign cultures. This increases awareness of the value of diversity and promotes a cosmopolitan company culture.

Why choose Babbel for Business?

91 %

of users are happy learning with Babbel for Business

2.5 x

faster language learning success than other services

75 %

of our learners have achieved their language goals

99 %

of first time users said they would continue to use Babbel