How to Improve Your Team’s Business English and Communication Skills

Young business people are smiling and talking freely with their Business English skills in a meeting.

Globalization is changing how companies work, where they choose to do business, and who they onboard. As a result, the demand for business English and communication skills has increased, and the benefits of having a multilingual team are more apparent every day.

Most companies use business English for their own internal processes. As the most-used language in economics, science, digitalization, and new technologies, English is essential in global business; however, many companies with multilingual employees experience challenges communicating with each other. Here we explain why business English and communication skills are important and the benefits they offer to companies.

What Is Business English?

Business English refers to the specialized use of the English language in a business or professional context. It involves the vocabulary, phrases, and communication skills necessary for effective communication in various business settings, such as meetings, emails, and phone conversations.

Business English and communication skills focus on developing language proficiency and knowledge that are specific to the world of business, including terminology related to finance, marketing, sales, human resources, and other relevant fields. It also emphasizes the ability to understand and produce written documents such as reports, business correspondence, and presentations.

Proficiency in business English is highly valued as it enables effective communication with multilingual clients, colleagues, and partners. It helps individuals navigate cross-cultural communication challenges and enhance their professional credibility and opportunities for career advancement.

Business people are smiling and talking freely with their Business English skills in an office.

The Benefits of Business Communication Skills

Having strong business English and communication skills can mean the difference between multilingual teams that feel comfortable collaborating with one another and those that don’t. When team members can’t communicate effectively, projects may be delayed and their safety in the workplace may become at risk.

Employees who avoid conversations in English run the risk of falling short of their potential, particularly customer service specialists who need to be spontaneous and fluid in their responses to clients. To help ease these situations, focus on practicing specialized terms, polite expressions, and typical dialogues for direct contact with customers, correspondence, and phone calls.

When you can’t find the correct vocabulary in the work setting, it costs time and money. Good business English isn’t only essential for management — it’s important for any team that has multilingual staff or customers.

What are the benefits of a Business English course for your company?

Find out how good Business English skills can improve the communication and business opportunities in your company. Download our free booklet on Business English!

Investing in English skills for professional life improves intercultural competence in training, customer service, and workplace conversations. That’s why Babbel’s business English portfolio includes specialized vocabulary for different sectors and the opportunity to practice listening comprehension and speaking skills for everyday work. With our digital language learning solution, you can implement a culture of lifelong learning at a low cost.

Frictionless communication is crucial for companies with multilingual workforces. In surveys, companies recognize that good English skills save time and resources, but also open and sustain new markets. Companies can also use business English to promote innovation and keep their appeal to international talent. Digital language learning solutions like Babbel for Business are particularly well-suited to solving this problem. At the outset of a study with Sodexo done in the US, many Spanish speakers weren’t able to freely communicate with their English-speaking customers and coworkers. After a short time learning with Babbel, these employees improved their English language skills, resulting in better customer service.

Young business people are talking freely with their Business English skills at their workplace.

The ROI of Learning a Language for Your Company

Babbel for Business’s latest eBook gathers the most recent facts about the need for Business English. You’ll learn why business English language skills open business opportunities and support the growth of your team, as well as the ways to increase the ROI of your company with a low-cost yet effective training option.

Our eBook provides facts about business English in companies and numerous practical tips on how to introduce digital learning in your company and motivate learners successfully. With Babbel’s online corporate language courses, you can create a company culture where English is actively used so that your team benefits from improved communication.

How to Improve Multilingual Communication with Babbel

Though managers often understand the need to improve their teams’ English speaking skills, they hesitate to do so because they fear it will be expensive or ineffective. Although it can be complex, overcoming hurdles to communication is made simple by digital language learning solutions like Babbel for Business.

Digital language learning is the training method that’s easiest to implement for everyone because it builds on the learners’ everyday work and skill level and is available anytime, anywhere. With a relatively small investment, you can secure long-term gains for your company.

Besides offering quick wins in learning, digital language learning solutions are inexpensive and flexible, allowing team members to learn whenever it fits into their daily schedule. Specific lessons in business English are available for meetings, teleconferences, business trips, and customer communication in 12 different professional fields, with guidance on job-related vocabulary. Babbel’s voice recognition feature helps speakers practice their pronunciation until they can confidently interact inside and outside their company.

Setting Your Employees Up for Success

Miscommunication costs companies time and money. Fortunately, Babbel for Business’s courses give your employees the tools they need to improve business English and communication skills for the workplace.

What are the benefits of a Business English course for your company?

Find out how good Business English skills can improve the communication and business opportunities in your company. Download our free booklet on Business English!

Kara O'Rourke

Kara O'Rourke