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Parts Europe fosters a culture of learning, enabling employees to reach their language learning goals and improve communication across the company.


About the customer

Parts Europe is a distributor of spare parts, accessories, and apparel for motorcycles, quad bikes, jet skis and snowmobiles. The company serves customers from Europe, the Middle East and South Africa. With a workforce of more than 300 employees from over 50 countries, language and communication skills are a vital part of their business operations.
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The challenge

As a European subsidiary of the LeMans Corporation, Parts Europe’s is headquartered in Konz near Trier, Germany. Being a global distributor, English serves as their primary corporate language, making the improvement of employees’ language skills a top priority. International sales and service teams must comprehend corporate communications, collaborate with other teams, and proficiently handle customer interactions, particularly when native-speaking colleagues are unavailable. Additionally, strong Business English skills are crucial for career progression. Hence, one of the primary goals for employees, especially managers, is to achieve a B2 level of proficiency in English.

To support the language development of their employees, it was important for Parts Europe to create a strong learning culture within the company. To do so, Parts Europe partnered with Babbel for Business and implemented several strategies to motivate and support their employees. First, recognizing the critical role of consistent study in language learning, employees are allocated two hours each week dedicated to learning. Additionally, clear learning goals are established, using Babbel’s placement tests serving as a guideline. Furthermore, Babbel for Business provided learning contracts, which are used to hold learners accountable and motivate them to improve their language proficiency by one level in six months. Another strategy to maintain high learning engagement is that employees are expected to submit their Babbel certificates confirming the progress they have made. 

“We want to improve our employees’ internal and external communication. So the goal is for all learners to improve their language skills by at least one level.”

Tatjana Ullrich, HR Administration at Parts Europe

The company is aware of the diversity of learners and promotes an inclusive and open approach to language learning. “Most of our employees are not native English speakers, and that’s perfectly fine. Everyone has different accents and makes mistakes, and no one should feel ashamed about it”, says Tatjana Ullrich, HR Administration at Parts Europe. The key is to acknowledge that misunderstandings are a natural part of the learning process and to create an environment where learners are comfortable using English. As Tatjana says, “fostering diversity is a fundamental part of our company culture, and language learning actively contributes to this.” 

Embracing the fact that learners all have different strengths and weaknesses takes the pressure off, and ensures that the learning experience is fulfilling and enjoyable.

Why Babbel?

Before using Babbel, Parts Europe used to organize in-person lessons. However, these didn’t prove to be effective due to the challenge of accommodating employees’ diverse work schedules and locations. The decision to switch to Babbel has simplified everything, as the team can now access the learning content anywhere, anytime, without time constraints, all while respecting their work-life balance.

Dani Ortiz is a Buyer at Parts Europe, who particularly enjoys Babbel’s flexibility. He is from Spain and has chosen to learn German using the platform, which has helped him feel more confident when communicating with his German-speaking colleagues. Given his busy schedule, attending in-person German classes wasn’t feasible, making Babbel the perfect solution. “I really like that with Babbel I can learn in between daily tasks and on the go, even for just 10 minutes.” He says Babbel is the most effective language learning app he’s used, and he especially likes how it helps him keep track of his progress and be more independent. “Babbel is fun, which makes it motivating!”

Monika Gorges, an Accounts Payable Clerk from Germany, is particularly impressed by the variety of courses offered by Babbel. She likes that she can improve her English for everyday conversations as well as work-related purposes. She usually learns two to three times per week and appreciates how Babbel lets her focus on topics that align with her interests and needs. She also finds that it helps her retain new vocabulary. Setting learning targets and monitoring progress is a central aspect of the learning culture at Parts Europe, and Monika confirms that having her learning goals written down in her Babbel learning contract helps her stay on track as she works toward achieving the next level.

“Language learning with Babbel works for me – I like that I can choose the topics that interest me most.”

Monika Gorges, Accounts Payable Clerk at Parts Europe

Jad Abry, Customer Service Agent at Parts Europe also says that his learning contract and regular check-ins with HR help him to prioritize learning German and maintain a daily practice with Babbel. He is from France and his new language skills has enabled him to integrate much faster in Germany, making everyday tasks such as ordering food at a restaurant or navigating bureaucratic processes easier. He says, “Before starting to learn German, I often felt like an outsider. But now that I know some German I’m able to interact with locals, I enjoy learning more about the culture and I feel more comfortable.”

“Learning a language opens up a whole new world.”

Jad Abry, Customer Service Agent at Parts Europe

Similarly, language learning has opened up new possibilities for Sylvain Fischer, who is also from France and works with Jad as Customer Service Agent in the French team. Besides France and the Benelux countries, his team also takes care of the UK, so English skills are essential for effective communication with both internal management and international colleagues. Sylvain proudly notices: 

“After one year with Babbel, my English has really improved and it has been a big help in my work.”

Sylvain Fischer, Customer Service Agent at Parts Europe

Tatjana observes that Babbel has made a significant impact on the lives of the employees, enabling them to better communicate with their superiors, international colleagues and customers.

“Babbel is easy to use for both users and administrators. I’m really happy with our Customer Success Manager, too. He provides quick responses and valuable ideas to motivate our learners.”

Tatjana Ullrich, HR Administration at Parts Europe


The company’s decision to learn with Babbel Professional and their focus on establishing a vibrant learning culture have resulted in a consistently high level of learning activity at Parts Europe. Tatjana acknowledges that individuals have different learning needs, and everyone should find a way of learning languages that suits them best. Babbel helps promote inclusive learning at Parts Europe, and Tatjana is happy to see many employees enjoying the learning process and making real progress.

“Babbel is used much more than the in-person classes and there’s now even a waiting list for employees who want to sign up for Babbel!”

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