English Training for Companies

Companies with multilingual workforces can experience higher levels of miscommunication. That’s why it’s increasingly important to have English training for corporate teams. With catered language courses, learners can acquire the specific vocabulary, social skills, and cultural etiquette needed for internal and external communication.


of employees would like training in Business English


US employers lost business due to lack of foreign language skills


of companies think multilingual teams lead to more innovation

Benefits of English training for corporations

Flexible and personalized training

Our lessons include specialized vocabulary that focuses on English language training for companies, as well as job-related content for various industries and professions

Frictionless internal communication

Multilingual teams that use English for business communication complete projects in a faster and smoother fashion

Fewer losses

Clear communication in English prevents misunderstandings that can lead to mistakes in production or delays in delivery, leading to more success for teams

Team growth and agility

Long-term investments in business English language skills for employees have financial benefits and establish a healthy company culture that values agile thinking and innovation

Over 2,000 satisfied companies

Additional features for business customers

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Why is English training for corporate teams essential for business?

Multilingual skills in a company is an investment towards the increasing requirements of an internationalized world, as well as establishing an open, inclusive team culture. Team communication and collaboration can be strengthened in the long term. The positive effects of corporate language training have an influence at other levels as well: Training the brain promotes strategic thinking, autonomy, and innovation.

How would Babbel for Business help with English training for corporate teams?

Through our blended learning method, we use the effective combination of independent learning with our language learning platform and accompanying online video lessons with a certified teacher. We offer structured learning content for developing practical skills along with vocabulary training with specialized terms for various sectors and professional fields.

What are the other benefits of English training for corporate teams?

The advantages of our corporate language training solutions go far beyond learning a new language: Multimedia learning activates all the senses, promotes creativity, and ensures an enjoyable learning experience with quick successes. A common learning experience strengthens cohesion within the team and promotes an inclusive and open company culture, where life-long and long-term learning is emphasized.

How do teams learn business English with Babbel for Business?