First Steps with Babbel for Business

What is Babbel for Business and how does it work?

Babbel for Business is an e-learning platform for language learning designed for companies and organizations. Learning takes place by app on a smartphone or tablet as well as via the web on a computer. Language skills can be further reinforced in online lessons with certified teachers.


Babbel’s learning content is not generated by an algorithm, but by people, for people, and it’s continually developed with the linguistic expertise of our 150-person Didactics Team. All Babbel language courses are tailored to the learner’s native language. The courses train vocabulary, grammar, using the language in real conversations as well as reading and listening comprehension.


One lesson takes 15 minutes on average, which allows learning to be integrated flexibly into a daily routine. Learners can individually choose the content and topics for their level and professional area.

What languages are available on Babbel?

Babbel for Business has 14 languages to choose from, including specific courses such as Business English. Click on one of these languages available on Babbel to see the current courses: DanishDutchFrenchGermanIndonesianItalianNorwegianPolishPortugueseRussianSpanish (Mexico)Spanish (Spain)SwedishTurkish.

How can I learn Business English with Babbel?

Employees in international companies need solid language skills in Business English. With Babbel for Business, your team can expand their language skills in a targeted way. Find out more about learning Business English online quickly and efficiently on our website.

What is the price for Babbel for Business?

Babbel for Business offers three different products. Depending on your employees’ learning requirements and goals, you as a company can choose between Babbel ProfessionalBabbel Live, and Babbel Intensive. You can find the cost per month on each product page. Billing is done per learner or account in yearly cycles — conveniently by credit card or invoice.


Want to learn with Babbel yourself? Have a look at the price overview for individual customers, including the possibility to try Babbel for free.

What benefits do companies get from Babbel’s digital language learning solution?

Learning Business English and other languages with Babbel for Business has many advantages. Companies that focus on language learning


> prepare themselves for the increasing requirements of the international business world.



> optimize work processes in multilingual teams.


> encourage employee communication skills in a goal-oriented way.


> promote an integrative team culture where self-confidence and performance are increased.


> optimize their employer branding as appealing and internationally focused.


> focus on a pedagogically grounded language learning solution with minimal effort to set up or maintain and high ROI.

What product options are there?

Babbel for Business offers three different products.


With Babbel Professional, all your team members receive individual access to the language learning platform. Depending on their goals and language level, they learn Business English or other languages in short, 15-minute lessons — conveniently and flexibly on their mobile device or computer. The learning content is sorted into practical topic areas and specifically targets language skills for everyday work life.


With Babbel Live, your employees expand their language skills through blended learning in guided group video lessons with a certified teacher. The online lessons offer the opportunity to practice speaking and listening comprehension as well as expanding knowledge about cultural aspects through conversations with other learners.


With Babbel Intensive, employees have the opportunity to make progress and see especially quick learning success. In one-on-one video lessons with certified teachers, learners can practice what they’ve learned on the platform and concentrate on their own professional learning goals.

What makes digital language learning different from in-person learning?

The Babbel language courses can easily be used in addition to in-person lessons at a company. In particular, the pandemic-related restrictions have shown how much sense it makes to invest in remote training opportunities. With the blended learning method from Babbel for Business, lessons can take place flexibly and digitally. That way your employees don’t have to do without the personal support from a qualified teacher — our approach combines independent learning with the Babbel app and video lessons with a certified teacher.

Is language learning with Babbel an employee benefit or a continuing education program?

Depending on your learning goals and needs, Babbel for Business offers different product options. 


Babbel Professional is well suited as a long-lasting employee benefit to offer your team a useful opportunity for continuing education. Read about the experience from our customer N26 as an example.


If you’re looking for a comprehensive continuing education program, independent learning with the Babbel app can be complemented with online one-on-one or group lessons, as the experience of our customer OneShare Health with Babbel Intensive shows.

Is it possible to test Babbel for Business?

We’ll be glad to give you individual advice on which language learning solution works best for your company’s needs. You can book a detailed trial to become familiar with our product — just contact our friendly Sales Team. If you first want an introduction to all the features, you can book a product demo at any time.

Getting Started, Managing the Platform & Technical Details

How can I order access to the Babbel language learning platform for my team?

1. Choose the product you’re interested in and get in touch with our Sales Team. Just go to the product page or to our contact page.


2. We’ll get in touch to discuss when the subscription starts and to activate the Admin Portal for you.


3. To activate the Admin Portal, we need a contact person who will manage your accounts in the Portal.


4. Your contact person uploads a list of participants (individually or as a CSV file) with their company email address and sends them an invitation to the Babbel platform with one click.


5. The participants receive an email with a link where they can activate their personal access to Babbel. The invitation can be accepted at any time, or it can be sent again.

What is the Admin Portal and how does it work?

Our user-friendly dashboard lets you manage your user accounts, add or remove users, or transfer access, letting you adapt flexibly to changes in your workforce. Our team activates the Admin Portal for you after you order.

A team member has left the company. What happens with their access?

You can transfer access, for example when employees leave the company or go on parental leave. Remove accounts you no longer need by clicking the “Delete” button. You can then add a new email address in the “Invite new member” field.

What are the technical requirements?

You don’t need to install any software to use the language learning platform. For computers, you need: 
processor with 1 GHz, 1 GB RAM
display resolution of 1024x768 or greater,
operating system: Windows 7 or later or Mac OS X 10.12 or later
browser: latest version of Chrome or Firefox, with Javascript and cookies enabled


For the Babbel app, you need: iOS 12 or later or Android 7 or later


For the online lessons with Babbel Live or Babbel Intensive, you need a computer or laptop with speakers and microphone or headset as well as a stable internet connection.

Can Babbel be used offline?

Yes. If at some point you don’t have an internet connection, you can still learn Business English with the app, as well as all the other Babbel languages. Learning content and vocabulary can be downloaded ahead of time and are then available offline. Your progress  is synchronized automatically the next time your device is connected to the internet.

How long is the subscription period and how can I cancel Babbel for Business?

The subscription period for each product is 12 months. The subscription renews automatically but can be canceled up to three months before your subscription renews or the renewal period ends.

If you want to cancel, just write us an email at keyaccounts@babbel.com

What is the scope of the Student Code of Conduct?

The Babbel Live: Student Code of Conduct also applies to Babbel Intensive.

You’ll find more information here.

Got a different question? Write to us.