Customer Success

The customer success team offers ongoing support to all Babbel for Business customers, including regular check-ins with a customer success manager, a range of assets for admins and learners, and much more.

How it works

How we support you


Scheduled check-ins every few months to see how you’re progressing


Your own admin portal to manage the company’s subscription and licenses

Onboarding materials

Your own admin portal to manage the company’s subscription and licenses


Detailed reports and analytics on learner activity


Tips and templates to help keep your learners motivated


Certificates for each learner at the end of every module

Admin & learner libraries

Access to a range of materials to support both admins & learners

Customer success manager

Ongoing support whenever you need it throughout membership

Engage and care package

Focused on enabling our B2B customers to engage and learn with our product successfully, our Customer Success Team provides a range of different options for you to support you and your learners.

Over 2,000 satisfied companies


What can I access in the admin portal?

The admin portal is where you can view general information, such as your current subscription, renewal date, and invoices. You can also find and manage active learners, see which learners haven’t registered yet, invite new learners to start taking Babbel lessons, and delete or reassign inactive learners. You’ll be able to access regular usage reports, including the number of minutes learned, the number of active days spent on the platform, as well as lessons, reviews, and modules that have been completed.

When should my learners start taking classes?

They can start learning right away! You can introduce the new program in a personal welcome message and communicate when and how much they should learn. Once you activate the admin account, you can begin inviting learners to join. Ideally, we recommend learners reserve regular blocks of time for learning. Everyone learns on their own in the Babbel platform, but we recommend setting up group activities, such as language learning groups or lunches, that can enrich the learning experience.

Is it easy to onboard new learners?

Yes! Our Customer Success team will walk you through the entire onboarding process, including how to set up your account, choose your learning language, navigate the platform, and book classes. They’ll also explain how to set up weekly goals and how you can download lessons on your phone so they are available for offline use. They’ll also provide some general tips and tricks to keep your learners motivated and consistent with their lessons.

How do I keep learners engaged with Babbel?

We want everyone to be as excited as we are to learn a new language, but we understand that learners need a bit of motivation every now and then. Send regular reminder emails to keep lessons at the top of learners’ minds and encourage them to set specific, measurable goals. Check up on them in monthly learning assessments or review meetings to see how they are doing. You can also get creative and organize completions that reward engaged learners with a prize! Our Customer Success team will be able to help you find more fun ways to keep your learners interested and engaged in the learning material.