Reaching Business English goals with the Babbel language learning platform

About the customer

Sodastream GmbH, a company with its headquarters in Frankfurt, is the world’s largest manufacturer and dealer of home-based water carbonation systems, which are sold in 46 countries. A culture of continual learning and employee development is indispensable to the success of this international company. This includes language skill training, particularly in order to improve internal communication.
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The challenge

Sodastream had organized a learning week, during which the company offered employees from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland the opportunity for further training in the area of their choice. The focus was also on improving Business English skills. Employees expressed the wish to improve their vocabulary and comprehension, in order to communicate more efficiently in meetings and over email.

“Sometimes I have the feeling that I’m not bringing everything I can to meetings, because I’m not sure if I’ve understood everything correctly.” 

A Sodastream employee

Sodastream was on the lookout for a professional language learning solution that was easy to access and to use and that would offer employees a positive learning experience.

Why Babbel?

E-learning offers a modern, flexible method of employee development. As a digital platform for language learning, Babbel Professional fulfilled all of Sodastream’s criteria for the perfect solution to motivate employees to improve their English. These criteria included the simple interface, flexible operation (on smartphone, tablet, and computer), and excellent value for money.

“Babbel is an online tool that’s fun to use — and more affordable than any previous language learning programs we’ve used.”

Randolf Ruf, HR Manager DACH, Sodastream GmbH

Babbel also impressed Sodastream with the app’s professionally curated lessons. Business-related situations and varied, everyday topics (such as email, presentations, meetings, and business trips) offered a challenge even to advanced learners.

Additionally, with Babbel’s regular usage reports (tracking metrics such as learning minutes and lessons completed), Randolf Ruf was able to receive a regular impression of how employees were progressing with their English learning.

By the way: The Customer Success Team at Babbel for Business offers motivational materials such as guided learning paths, email packages, and more to best support teams on their language learning journeys.

“Employees who decided to learn English with Babbel found the app entertaining and easy to use. The app was really well received all around.” 


With Babbel as a cost-effective corporate benefit, Sodastream was able to offer employees an attractive tool to meet their Business English goals and thus support employees’ improvements in their internal communication.

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