Virtual Classes

Explore our blended learning packages and add virtual classes for your company to help your learners fully immerse themselves in a language.

Video lessons with certified teachers

Practise conversation with experienced teachers and receive instant feedback

Choose from small group classes or private classes

Browse hundreds of classes to fit your schedule

Access the award-winning Babbel app

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virtual classes for each learning language


access to classes for all learning levels


faster language learning than using the app alone

Virtual classes for business situations

C1 - Talking about money and negotiating

With dominique

55 min


B2 - Talking about your work experience

With Victora

55 min


A1 -Talk about your workplace

With Lucia

55 min


Private classes

27-minute private lessons tailored to each learner’s individual needs and goals

Personalised feedback, coaching and homework after every class

Create immediate impact with a focus on business and industry-specific topics

Group classes

55-minute group classes with a maximum of 6 participants 

Improve self-confidence and practise speaking in a relaxed group setting

Maximize attendance with same day booking and a flexible cancelation policy

Suitable for all learning levels



Speak fluently in a professional or social context, negotiate complex issues in a clear, structured and detailed manner and understand implicit meanings and cultural characteristics.



Understand the key content of complex texts. Lead discussions in your special field, converse spontaneously and fluently with native speakers.



Manage a trip abroad, discuss familiar topics/personal interests coherently as well as explain plans and justify opinions.



Talk about work, describe your living environment and education, conduct simple correspondence and understand simple everyday texts.



Introduce yourself, write a short email, fill out a simple form, speak and ask about familiar topics, and understand clearly spoken sentences on familiar topics.

Reasons to choose virtual classes

Fast-track language learning

Studies show learners using the app and taking 1 class per week will advance to the next level in just 6 months.

Practise speaking with teachers

Guided sessions with a certified teacher allows students to receive feedback in real time.

Flexible learning times

Online classes at all times of day give students total flexibility to manage when, and what, they learn.

Industry-specific content

Meet your organisation’s learning objectives by focusing on courses for your industry.

“I thought it was great that I could decide for myself when and how long to learn. The video lessons were really fun — the teacher gave me a good feeling.”

Jasmin Werblinski, Training Coordinator, GfK

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Why should my team invest in language classes?

Babbel for Business’s corporate language classes increase your employees’ learning success based on the proven blended learning method. Our group and 1:1 classes are run by professional teachers and give your team the chance to practice their speaking skills and listening comprehension, while building confidence and getting immersed in their learning language. In developing our online class format, we focus on the most essential aspect of language learning: speaking and interacting with other people.

Are the classes tailored to all language levels?

Babbel’s corporate language courses range from beginner level (A1 in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) all the way up to proficient learners (C1 CEFR level), depending on the learning language. We offer classes at all levels, allowing learners to sign up for classes that coincide with their language level and complement their learning on the app. 

What are some of the benefits of Babbel for Business’s classes?

Our corporate language classes go above and beyond the basics of learning a new language. They are led by qualified teachers who can provide feedback in real time. Our teachers also help deepen knowledge, answer questions, and actively promote speaking skills, so your team can better understand and speak the language faster than individual learning alone. Learners can book lessons flexibly online and can easily access them from their computers. With classes available 24/7, your team will be able to find a time and topic that best suits their schedule and work needs. 

What makes Babbel for Business’s classes different from others out there?

Our classes are about teaching both the language and its cultural aspects. Our team has developed and fine-tuned the learning material so that learners in the course speak as much as possible—something that’s often overlooked in traditional classes. We also work directly with teachers and find out what material works well and what needs to be improved, so learners get the best experience possible when joining one of our classes. 


We also ensure that all of our teachers create a helpful, enthusiastic, and safe environment where the learners can express themselves without any pressure. This helps to alleviate any nerves or anxiety for learners, so they aren’t too intimidated to speak or afraid of making mistakes.

Do you offer specific course content for companies?

Yes! Whether you would like your team to learn Spanish or English, we have a range of general business content that covers topics needed in everyday work, including communicating with business partners, leading discussions, and negotiating. We also develop subject-specific content that’s aimed at individual sectors, for example, construction vocabulary and workplace safety courses. We also offer private lessons where we can develop classes based around your specific needs for your industry or company.