Attractive Perks for Remote Working That Benefit Your Employees and Your ROI

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We take a look at the ways you can keep your team motivated and inspired during this challenging time, while simultaneously benefiting your ROI. 

No trend forecaster could have predicted the way 2020 would unfold, but one thing has stood out as a certainty: we humans are extremely adaptable. Most people around the world have gone from working 9 to 5 in an office to working the same hours at home, commuting to their kitchen table rather than their co-working space. Although this is a big adjustment for many, there’s no better time to remind your employees that they are part of a team and that you are here for them.

We’ve researched some of the most effective ways of ensuring that your employees continue to grow while working from home, so that when they return to the office they’re motivated, enriched, and have new skills that will benefit your company in the long term. 

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How to keep your employees motivated 

For many people, working from home is a new experience and presents new challenges. Keeping energy levels up and implementing a structure into their day is integral to their motivation levels, and there are many ways in which you, as an employer, can do it. 

A key way to keep your employees motivated is by providing them with opportunities to learn and develop new skills. Giving them access to online courses, lessons, and tutorials will motivate them to stay productive as well as adapt to this new, temporary lifestyle. Besides that, without those mid-morning coffee breaks with colleagues or social team lunches, employees will appreciate variety and opportunities to break up their days. 

On top of this, regular communication with your team is a must when working remotely. Sending weekly updates and writing regular positive newsletters are not only a welcome reading for your employees but will remind them they’re part of a team.

Why offering employee benefits is good for your company

Offering an increase in employee benefits at this time might seem counterintuitive when many companies are tightening their budgets and making cut-backs. However, now is the time to invest in your employees so that they feel cared for, stay motivated at work, and can come back stronger.

Here’s an example: a member of your team spends the next few weeks working from home while taking an online course in graphic design. They’ll come back to work motivated and with new confidence as a result of their new skill. Besides that, the employee will appreciate the opportunity to grow and feel more loyal to the company. That’s how your company not only benefits from the newly acquired skill set but also increases employee retention. That’s a win/win situation for both the company and the employee.

Language courses for remote teams

Benefits for your employees and your company 

In the last few weeks, many online-learning companies have waived fees and reduced subscription costs. Now more than ever we need online resources to keep us focused, so here are a few ideas for your team.

Masterclass is an online learning platform where experts share their knowledge and experience in a specific field. It’s a fun, light way to learn, not to mention ground-breaking. Your team could pick up filmmaking from Martin Scorsese, cooking from Gordon Ramsay or acting from Natalie Portman. And there’s a ton to be learned that’s applicable to business too — such as creative leadership from Anna Wintour, negotiation from Chris Voss, and entrepreneurship from Sara Blakely. One subscription provides access to their entire portfolio of classes, and they’re currently offering a 50% discount for a limited time. 

Babbel for Business is your one-stop-shop for remote language learning. Your company signs up for a subscription, with each team member given full access to the Babbel language learning platform. Babbel Professional enables your employees to learn with bite-sized 10–15 minute lessons that fit perfectly into every work schedule. And with Babbel Intensive your team can take full advantage of our 1:1 video lessons with a certified teacher. Moreover, Babbel Live offers your entire team to participate in group video classes. 

Of course, we are a little biased, but we can assure you that Babbel is a fun and very effective way to learn a language remotely — plus, when your team returns to their desks, they’ll be full of confidence as a result of their improved communication skills. So if your company needs to improve international client relations or communicate better with multicultural customers, now’s a good time to give them access to Babbel. They’ll have the time and motivation to learn a new language, and you’ll have a confident, multi-lingual team by the time this is all over. 

Another option is to look into role-specific training courses. Now’s a good time to allocate any unused training budget to the individual teams. This will be a fantastic long-term investment for your company, as assigning online learning courses to each department will help keep the teams in sync and give them the opportunity to build up their skillset and portfolio. Does the marketing team need to invest in social media training? Or perhaps the developer team could brush up on their Python skills? Every department would benefit from this investment — and, in turn, so will your company. 


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