Sparkasse Osterode am Harz

The employees at Sparkasse Osterode am Harz improve their language skills to provide excellent service for their growing international customer base.

About the customer

Sparkasse Osterode am Harz offers financial services and products at seven locations in central Germany. Their focus remains consistently on their customers and service-oriented communication. Since lifelong learning is firmly anchored in Sparkasse’s corporate values, they use Babbel as a continuing education program.
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The challenge

Sparkasse Osterode am Harz wants to provide their customers with skilled advice across all channels. To do this, employees need a firm grasp of Business English, as the customer base is becoming increasingly international. Employees often struggle to use specific vocabulary, particularly regarding more complex banking processes.

Anja Kohlstruck, responsible for personnel development at Sparkasse, received an increased number of requests for an expanded language learning program. Although the bank already offered intermittent in-person courses, employees only participated occasionally. However, since language learning is a long-term, continuous process, the sporadic classes weren’t very effective.

That’s why Anja Kohlstruck started looking for a more effective language learning solution, and immediately found what she was looking for with Babbel. Initially, she used Babbel on her own for several months. Then, convinced by her positive learning experience, she introduced Babbel for Business to her team.

“Babbel fits in with Sparkasse’s strategy: Our customers are our focus. We want to advise them skillfully, of course in English if necessary.”

Anja Kohlstruck, Personnel Division, Sparkasse Osterode am Harz

Why Babbel?

Sparkasse Osterode am Harz offers their employees a modern language learning solution with Babbel Professional. The language learning platform is easy to use, flexible, and straightforward to implement — at a reasonable price. The short lessons include job-relevant content and provide cultural knowledge at the same time. Employees can also supplement what they’ve learned with entertaining podcasts, articles, and games.

Following a kick-off meeting and placement tests, the Sparkasse employees jumped right in. After just a few weeks, Anja Kohlstruck reports consistently positive feedback and a strong adoption rate. The participants confirm that it’s easy to use and they enjoy their learning experience.

Learners can choose their learning language individually. Most employees practice their English, but some study other languages such as French, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, and Norwegian. Some even learn English and another language at the same time.

“The feedback from learners is consistently positive. They appreciate the ease of use and enjoy learning.”

Anja Kohlstruck was also impressed with the implementation process. Babbel’s Account Management team was always available to provide support so that everything could be implemented online without any problems. In addition, Babbel provided an onboarding package with motivational videos and supporting material, such as templates for learning agreements.

Anja Kohlstruck also gave her team a few tips for learning: It’s best to find a learning partner and set up a daily learning routine with a fixed time, such as over coffee in the afternoon or for 15 minutes on the sofa in the evening. Learning fits perfectly in these short breaks during the day.


The company is the first Sparkasse branch in Germany to offer Babbel, an innovative language learning solution. With it, the bank supports professional and personal development for their employees and provides an attractive corporate benefit. The result: The team enjoys learning and feels more confident when it comes to advising customers skillfully in English and responding to their specific needs.

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