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An employee benefit that fosters cross-cultural communication

About the customer

La Marzocco is an Italian company founded in 1927 in Florence, originally specializing in sheet metal beating. Over the years, the company has focused on the production of coffee machines, becoming a benchmark in the industry for commercial use and, more recently, for the private market as well. La Marzocco has grown from being a small, family-owned company to a global business of about 800 employees, 400 at the headquarters in Scarperia and the rest in the ten sales branches located around the world.
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The challenge

This international success has resulted in the need to ensure fluent communication and solid interaction with colleagues and customers from different cultures

Much of the company’s internal communication is in English to ensure effective communication with employees in foreign branches. English is also commonly used in the Tuscany office during visits from international colleagues on business trips. This led to the need for investing in language learning at La Marzocco — not just to sharpen existing Business English skills, but also to provide an opportunity for those with a solid grasp of English to learn new languages.

It was important for the company to find a language learning provider that was digital, effective, and flexible. Prior to the pandemic, La Marzocco used to offer in-person classes with teachers, but it was often difficult for employees to find time to take classes.

Moreover, in light of the wide variety of interests, levels, and languages known, the company was looking for a solution that would allow employees to design their own individual learning path, adapt to different learning needs, and offer teacher-led classes, both individual and in groups.

Why Babbel

According to La Marzocco, Babbel addresses all of these needs.

“In Babbel, we found all the elements we were looking for: excellent value for money, flexibility, 1:1 and group lessons, and an e-learning platform where everyone can practice autonomously.”

Chiara Goretti, Talent Acquisition & Development, Global HR, Project Coordinator at La Marzocco

Babbel provides a flexible platform that allows employees to take classes on their own schedule and create learning paths tailored to their needs. “Those who feel comfortable speaking but want to brush up on grammar can do so through dedicated courses, while those who want to try their hand at another language can choose from 14 different options, including the popular Spanish, German, and French courses (and Italian, for foreign branches).”

“When new hires come in and we mention this training offer, they immediately jump in because it addresses a genuine need and a specific purpose.”

Through face-to-face classes, employees have the opportunity to practice speaking, overcoming embarrassment and shyness in a comfortable learning environment:

During 1:1 classes employees feel safe, only the teacher is listening to them and they are not ashamed to speak because they feel protected.” 

Regarding group classes, Chiara Goretti adds, “Group classes are interesting because you interact with people from all over the world and get used to hearing different accents.” 

From an organizational perspective, the customer success service offered by Babbel for Business is particularly appreciated. 


La Marzocco decided to invest in a digital corporate language training program and chose Babbel as the ideal solution because of its flexibility, value for money, and quality of support. The employees were able to start their learning journey autonomously, choosing their desired language and studying through the e-learning platform as well as individual or group lessons for conversational practice.

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