Getting a Job with Babbel

With Babbel, students can improve their German skills to increase their chances on the job market.






The Challenge

ESMT Berlin is a leading international business school, founded by 25 German companies and associations in 2002. The English study programs attract students from all over the world. Even though all programs are held in English, international students are encouraged to learn German, to increase their job prospects in Germany. Therefore learning German is an integral part of the curriculum:



“With Babbel as our corporate partner for digital language learning, we offer our students an important building block for learning German.”

Nick Barniville, Associate Dean of Degree Programs, ESMT



Why Babbel? 

Many of the international students want to work in Germany after their studies. With free access to the Babbel app, preparing to enter the German job market should be easier.

In Germany, the students then often work in German companies where English is spoken, however, knowledge of the local language is indispensable for them – a skill that MBA student Phuong Tran sees the value of:


“The more I use Babbel, the better I understand the German language and also German culture. That way, I can follow conversations in different contexts, which is tremendously relevant at work.”


So far, more than 80 students have signed up for Babbel. Babbel allows for flexibility, which is ideal for the schedule of a student – characterized by a mix of free time and intensive phases.  An efficacy study from City University New York shows that success can be seen in the numbers: in 2016, CUNY researchers found that the language skills of Babbel users after 15 hours correspond to one semester of study at a university. “My MBA lasts one year and because of that, the schedule takes up a lot of time. To be able to learn a language while studying, I rely on the flexibility that Babbel offers,” Tran explains.



The pay-offs of learning with Babbel are twofold: The students are provided both a gateway to German culture as well as more certainty in the German job market.

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