The Benefits of Language Learning for Companies

Introducing language learning to your workplace will have a positive impact on your employees, clients, culture, and revenue. And it’s not just about speaking a new language, it’s about creating long-lasting connections across every aspect of your enterprise. In this article we dig a little deeper into why your company will benefit from language learning.

You’ll expand the horizons of your employees

Learning how to speak a new language is a true confidence-booster. The steady progression from being unable to speak a single word to having full conversations actually produces happy hormones in your brain. Giving your employees the tools to learn a new language will get them feeling good about themselves and their abilities, and will give them a positive outlook on their future in your company. Investing in your employees’ growth expands their horizons and opens up prospects such as travel and exploring new international markets.

You’ll increase your client-base

Being able to communicate with clients in their native language won’t just improve your communication skills, it will demonstrate how much you respect them. People show different personality traits when speaking their native language compared to speaking a second language. They’re instantly more comfortable, happier, and more confident. Hosting a meeting in the first language of your client will, therefore, boost positive sentiment and will likely improve your relationship. 

Similarly, if you’re pitching to work with an overseas client and you take the time to learn at least a few expressions in their native language, you’ll be positioning yourselves above your competitors. 

You’ll build employee loyalty

When you offer a language learning solution such as Babbel for Business, you implement a new sense of cohesiveness. Employees who are offered corporate benefits related to their well-being are far more likely to stay with the company long-term than at a company without those benefits. And investing in your employees won’t go unnoticed. People are far less likely to look for jobs elsewhere when they feel valued and appreciated. 

You’ll boost team spirit!

Language learning doesn’t have to happen alone — in fact, learning as a group is a great way to keep up motivation and encourage team bonding. When we onboard our new customers, we provide many ideas on how to combine team building events with language learning, including lunches, foreign film nights, 1:1 sessions, and many other tips to boost engagement. This will not only get your employees speaking fast but will bring your team closer together, which ultimately benefits management and the company as a whole. 

Management should lead by example

The great thing about language learning is that everybody is a beginner at some point, regardless of hierarchy. That’s why introducing Babbel to the team can be an opportunity to eliminate tiers and provide a space for everyone to be on the same level. Research has proven that when managers get involved with learning, their team is far more likely to stay motivated. Management can personally benefit from learning a new language and foster a positive and trusting relationship with their team at the same time. 

You’ll attract an international and open-minded workforce 

As our world becomes increasingly connected, workforces are becoming more international. That’s because recruiters are no longer limited to hiring people from their own country but have access to talent from across the globe. The people who move abroad to be part of your company will undoubtedly be working hard to speak the company language. But what if your company also worked hard to speak their language? That person would feel instantly more comfortable, appreciated, and valued by their new team, and would find it easier to get settled into their new role and country. Plus, giving your employees the tools to learn their international colleagues’ native language will open up their minds to new cultures.

You can build relationships with offices in other countries

Does your company have offices across the globe? Introducing Babbel’s language learning platform to your company will give your employees the opportunity to interact with your international counterparts, which in turn builds relationships and improves inter-country communications. For many young employees, the prospect of being able to work overseas is a huge perk. According to Forbes, travel prospects also boost employee morale and increase retention, making language learning a great way to keep international talent within your company long-term.

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