5 Ways Babbel Can Help Achieve Your Company’s Language Learning Goals

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Is your business expanding internationally, or planning to in the near future? If so, you’re certainly not alone. Research shows that more businesses than ever are seeking overseas expansion opportunities - and there are no signs of this trend slowing down. International growth objectives are undoubtedly reshaping the ways we do business, making now a better time than ever to introduce language learning to your team.

We’re experts at integrating language learning solutions into company workflows. As leaders in the online language learning industry with a team of experts from more than 50 countries, we work to make language learning possible for every company. Our instructional methods take a science-backed approach that puts the focus on the needs of each individual learner within the framework of your organization’s objectives.

Here are the top five ways that integrating our language learning solutions can help achieve your goals:

1. By breaking down internal language barriers at your own pace.

Helping people understand each other better is what we do best. That being said, we appreciate that teams are made up of diverse people with different backgrounds, interests, and roles in your organization. That’s why we’ve made our programs diverse and flexible enough to meet the need of your business, on your own terms. Babbel’s products help you to create an entirely customizable language integration initiative that allows your employees to learn as often and as much as they want. 

2. By providing support from industry experts.

Our platform was created by linguistic experts with years of hands-on language learning experience. Babbel’s team of applied linguists continually study second language acquisition to make sure our methods remain on the cutting edge of the language learning technology industry. We work diligently to provide you with the best possible products and give you access to top-notch language instructors. Plus, our B2B Premium Customer Service team is at your fingertips every step of the way.

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3. By offering something for everyone - and more.

What sets us apart from other language learning programs is our focus on developing practical, real-life skills that are directly related to your business needs. Babbel for Business offers over 52,000 lessons and 8,500 hours of content for your team to choose from. Our app and curricula take a culturally diverse approach and ensure your company an open-minded, creative learning environment. Whether users are on the go, in a group at the office, or learning from home, they get full access to all their content from a multitude of devices. 

Plus: there are no heavy textbooks to carry around or rigid schedules to follow! 

4. By eliminating hefty upfront costs and tuition fees.

We understand the importance of value and versatility. Many more traditional language learning programs and courses require long-term commitments, large financial burdens, or both. Babbel eliminates these obstacles with  flexible options and allows your team access to unlimited learning at a low price. Our three different models give you the freedom to select the type of access and price point that fits your organization’s needs. Provided your learning objectives expand over time, our support team can help add additional users along the way.

5. By keeping you in the loop - every step of the way.

Regardless of the access model you choose for your company, our team can share a weekly or monthly report on your coworkers' learning performance at no additional charge. These reports will give you meaningful metrics for both for the whole group as well as  the individual learners taking part in your program. The ability to easily track your team's progress will provide management with the information needed to justify costs and usage of time, and better inform internal decision-making processes overall.

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Cassondra Dolan, Language Specialist

Cassondra is a writer, translator and language enthusiast with a passion for exploring the ways culture influences learning. Through her work with Babbel, she aims to promote language learning best practices that focus on inclusivity and diversity.

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