The practical webinar about digital learning in the workplace

In our new webinar, you’ll find answers to questions about digital learning in the workplace.

Digital learning is a great option for companies. As a market-leading language learning app, we’ve designed this webinar to show you the advantages that come with digital learning ⁠— as well as the challenges that typically come up for HR, employees, and the company as a whole. We’ll then provide you with helpful tips for overcoming these challenges and further optimizing your digital learning experience. You’ll learn how to find the right digital learning solution for your company.

Our webinar will help you:

  • understand the needs and problems of your HR team, employees, and company
  • navigate the landscape of digital learning options with confidence
  • ensure the success of digital learning at your company
  • get the most out of digital learning

The webinar includes:

  • a straightforward introduction to digital learning
  • advantages and challenges for HR teams, employees, and companies
  • results from collected studies
  • practical tips developed by experts
  • 4 fundamental principles of digital learning
  • 2 key insights from companies that already use digital learning

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