Data protection statement

for Babbel for Business users

1. Processing of personal data in general
When using our language learning software Babbel via the website or our app, we collect and process certain personal data in the framework of the services we deliver. Please find out further details on

2. Processing of personal data when using Babbel for Business
Babbel for Business allows employers (e. g. entrepreneurs, companies, free-lances, merchants etc.) to provide their employees access to Babbel, so that they can acquire or improve language skills for professional purposes. To this end, the employer closes a contract with us as „client“.
If your employer provides you access to Babbel for you to take part in a Babbel language course for professional training purposes, we will disclose certain information about your use of the software and about your achievements to your employer.

What information does my employer receive about me?
We regularly draft reports (hereinafter “Reports”) about the use of Babbel by employees of our clients. Such Reports include the following information:

  • course content and language (e. g. “English for sales and purchasing”)
  • accomplished course units (number)
  • number of days the software has been used
  • duration of use (in minutes)
  • term of the provided access (e. g. from Jan. 1 st 2019 till Jul. 7 th 2019)

The above-mentioned information relates to

  • the last week and the last month preceding the drafting of the Report and the entire term since the access of each employee has been activated; and
  • the e-mail address provided by each employee when registering

This means that, exemplifying, your employer could receive the following information:
“ has been spending 600 minutes during 7 days on Babbel over the last week/the last month/since registration, thereby completing 30 learning units of the course “sales and purchasing” in English.”

Purpose of processing
DThanks to the processing of personal data described your employer intends to promote the development and improvement of language skills of its employees. To this end, your employer must gain knowledge of the involved employees’ learning progress at regular intervals. Furthermore, your employer can draw conclusions about Babbel’s suitability as a language learning tool.

Legal basis of processing
This form of processing of personal data is based on the employment relationship. Within its scope, the employer may process personal data relating to employees. The legal basis thereto is the employment contract pursuant to art. 6 par. 1 lit. b) GDPR.
The described Reports are drafted exclusively on the employer’s behalf. We as “Babbel” do not have any interest in the Reports. We process the personal data contained therein separately from all further personal data collected and processed by Babbel, only for the purpose of transferring it to the client.

Controller and processor
With regard to the data processing activities described in this statement, your employer qualifies as “controller”, while Babbel only acts as “processor” within the meaning of art. 28 GDPR. We have closed the required agreement with your employer.

Retention time
We only retain the mentioned personal data on your employer’s behalf and in principle only as long as your access to Babbel for Business is active. In no case will we retain such data after your employment relationship has come to an end.

Which rights do I have?
Also with regard to this form of processing you are entitled to all rights granted by the GDPR and further applicable legislation. Please find out the details in our privacy statement.

Is this all I should know with regard to the Reports?
All processing activities we perform on your employer’s behalf in connection with your personal data are outlined in this statement. If, within the framework of your employment relationship or according to another legal basis your employer should process your personal data further or differently, he/she, as the controller, will inform you about this extensively. The same applies to any further information about the processing activities described in this statement that your employer is required to disclose according to art. 13 GDPR (e. g. information about the appointed data protection officer, if any).

3. Is there anything else I should know?
Unless explicitly specified otherwise in this statement, Babbel’s privacy statement shall apply to the use of the language learning software.