Product Comparison

An outstanding user experience — for you and your team. Babbel’s intuitive interface offers both online and offline learning, available on mobile, tablet, and desktop. Whether as an employee benefit or part of a more structured training program, choose the solution that will ensure your team meet their learning goals — from the app-only Babbel Professional subscription, to our comprehensive blended learning solution, Babbel Intensive.

Babbel Professional

The intuitive language learning platform for professionals including our useful services

Babbel Live

Promote learning success with group video lessons following the proven blended learning method

Babbel Intensive

Reach your goals individually and effectively with intensive 1:1 video lessons

E-Learning Platform

Includes 14 Languages

Admin Portal

Transferable Accesses

Account Management

User Reports

Business Learning Paths

Annual Business Reviews

Onboarding Material

Blended Learning

Certified Teachers

Group Video Lessons

1:1 Video Lessons