Pharmaceutical vocabulary for your team

  • Did you know that multilingual teams are more innovative? Profit internally from efficient communication within your international workforce. Scale your company with multilingual external communication.

    Pharma-specific vocabulary, key activities, and typical communication patterns have been prepared didactically. Additionally, learners are supported by tailored learning paths to ensure a goal-oriented learning experience.

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  • Images with text

    Say a bit about your brand, a specific product, or promotion.

  • Images with text

    Say a bit about your brand, a specific product, or promotion.

  • Images with text

    Say a bit about your brand, a specific product, or promotion.

  • Efficiency

    For your workday: 15-minute language lessons teach your employees job-relevant vocabulary.

  • Return on Investment

    Benefit from profits: Multilingual communication protects you from expensive misunderstandings.

  • Flexibility

    Individually customizable: 800 companies have their teams learn with our successful language learning platform.

  • Product Quality

    150 language experts guarantee a premium learning experience. And our dedicated Account Management enables an easy start.

Handbook for Innovative Language Learning

How relevant are foreign languages for the pharmaceutical industry? In our handbook, we're exploring three growth drivers for your pharma company — with help of language learning.

What Babbel customers love about us

"Babbel allows all the teams in the company to learn English in a flexible and agile way, adapting the content to the initial level of each user. The possibilities of this method are great and above all, it makes it easier for field teams to follow their continuous learning of any language in a simple and practical way."

“In addition to the aspects of further education, for our young and international team having fun is also essential. Our employees enjoy learning with Babbel and very much appreciate the offer – just like our passengers, by the way.”

“With Babbel, we were able to give our staff for overseas projects an innovative tool to expand their language skills. Learning with Babbel is innovative, self-explanatory, easy and effective – according to the feedback we've received.”

“Knowledge isn't just power, it's also fun. Our customers and business partners were able to try that out with Babbel vouchers that we offered as giveaways in one of our customer events.”

“Babbel's short lessons of 15–20 minutes can be flexibly integrated into everyday life. With that, my team has found an uncomplicated possibility for language learning that everyone can fit into their schedule – free from the fixed time slots of in-person classes.”

“Before Christmas, I was looking for a useful, appropriately priced gift for our employees. Babbel makes it possible to further your knowledge of languages, which is useful for professional and private life. Our international employees also have the option to make progress in German. A win-win and fun on all sides.”