Babbel for N26
Welcome to the start of your language course with Babbel! On this page you will receive your exclusive Babbel access code, which will enable you to study one language for 6 months.

Click to generate your personal access code. Note: once you generate a code, it will be billed to N26 with your credentials. Please only click to activate your code, if your manager has approved it. Remember, this is part of your Personal Development Budget.

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Upon activation, this access code will grant you access to 6 months of language learning with Babbel.

After redeeming your access code, you can choose one from the following languages: Business English, Spanish, or German. If you encounter any problems or have any other questions when redeeming your code, please contact We will be happy to help you.

Have fun learning with Babbel!

Next steps:

Step 1

Please make a note of your personal access code or copy it to the clipboard.

Step 2

Click here to register with Babbel and redeem your code.

Note: make sure you use your N26 account when registering!

Step 3

Follow the on-screen instructions and enter your personal access code to unlock your Babel access.

After registering and redeeming your access code, you can choose to use the language course on your smartphone, tablet, or desktop. Offline mode is also available on your phone.

Answers to your questions about Babbel:

Further questions
If you have any questions about the Babbel language platform, please get in touch by writing to