Welcome to Babbel for Business! Here you’ll find a selection of learning materials to accompany and supplement your access to Babbel: Guides for the first steps on our platform and tips & tricks to start your exciting language learning journey full of motivation.

Onboarding Video

Our Onboarding Video will show you what’s in store for you in the coming months. We wish you a great start!

How do you learn with Babbel?

Onboarding Video -unless-

Learner Guides

Practical guide for the first steps of your learning journey. A summary of our onboarding video as a handy pdf file.

How do you learn with Babbel?


A Pathway to Effective Language Learning

Find out the best way to start and to stay on track in our e-book.


Learning Paths

Too many options on the learning platform? Here’s a curated lesson selection for different languages and levels.

Tips & Tricks to Learn a New Language

Find your motivation and a good learning routine with these tips & tricks.


Shape Your Own Learning Experience!

Here’s a selection of videos and articles created by Babbel’s language experts to help you set up your own learning strategy, understand what works best for you and stay motivated on your journey. 


Motivational Posters

Our posters are the perfect complement to your daily learning routine. At work and at home.