What is the difference between Babbel for private users and Babbel for businesses?

While the content of the courses is the same, Babbel for private users is booked and paid by the user as a subscription, which will renew itself after the usage period has expired. Babbel for business, on the other hand, is a service that companies purchase for their employees, and that can be claimed for tax purposes. As opposed to Babbel's offer for private users, Babbel for Business offers access to all 14 languages as well as a weekly or monthly report, upon request, in case the company wants to track their employees' learning performance.

Do you offer user reports / performance tracking?

Yes, regardless of the access model you choose for your company, we can share a weekly or monthly report on your coworkers' learning performance, at no additional charge. This report shows the following metrics for both for the whole group and the individual learners: number of active days (over the past 7 days, 4 weeks, and all time) number of minutes studied (over the past 7 days, 4 weeks, and all time) number of lessons completed (over the past 7 days, 4 weeks, and all time) languages studied (over the past 7 days, 4 weeks, and all time) Due to data protection policies, your report will be anonymous by default, but can be personalised if the users give their consent.

How long is the access valid for?

After ordering a certain amount of access codes, you will receive them via email. Once the codes are redeemed, the access period will start running. Unused codes can be redeemed within 3 years.

Babbel Intensive

How can I give my coworkers access to Babbel?

After you've placed your order, we will get in touch with you via email or telephone to obtain the email addresses of all participants, and their postal address in case they wish to receive a printed copy or their study plan. You can also upload this information to our system. All participants will receive an email invitation to join Babbel, and will gain full access to the Babbel App once their registration is complete. We will then activate their Babbel Live accounts for them to book their videoconference sessions with their Babbel tutors. Finally, we will touch base with you again to schedule a webinar to introduce our platform and the Intensive programme to all users.

Babbel Live

How do Babbel Live's videoconference lessons work?

As a complement to the Babbel app, we offer 1:1 online lessons with Babbel Live, available in English and German. Every session is individually tailored to the user and is taught via our virtual classroom by qualified native speakers. If you require it, we can offer company-specific topics for the lessons, in which case a Babbel Live tutor would support you in planning and creating the lessons' content. In the case of Babbel Intensive, the study programme expands on specific lessons from the Babbel app. You can find more information on Babbel Live here: https://support.babbel.com/hc/en/sections/360000296088-BABBEL-LIVE