Which language learning method is right for your company?

…And what sets Babbel apart from other learning methods?

Everyone learns languages differently. Creatives, for example, use the right side of their brains to learn, while financiers will tap into the left, logical side. Native-Spanish speakers learn German differently than Native-English speakers; some people absorb information through speaking, others through listening. With this in mind, finding a language learning technique to benefit all your employees can be a challenge. And that’s where Babbel comes in.

At Babbel we spent years poring over tried-and-tested language-learning techniques, from the methods used in academia to the sponge-like learning of toddlers. Our experts culminated all of their research to create The Babbel Method, digitizing the most effective forms of learning into easy, bite-sized lessons personalized to the individual. Clever, isn’t it?

We’re proud to provide the most effective language learning method on the market.

But don’t just take our word for it, here’s a comprehensive guide to what sets us apart…

Babbel for Business

Virtual Classroom Learning

Classroom Learning


Large variety of content

Possibility to switch languages

Personalised review sessions

Speech recognition technology

Learning progress synchronized across all devices

Effective teacher-learner-ratio

Guiding learning path


Flexible learning location

Individual learning time

Individual learning pace

Transferable accesses

Online and Offline access


Comprehensive admin portal


Dedicated support team

Accompanying multimedia learning material

Usage reporting

Cost per learner

The most effective method to learn any language

Babbel is the shortest path to a real-life conversation in a new language. Each of our 14 languages use the same bullet-proof techniques all available on our award-winning mobile app. We have a dedicated base of over one million active users who have reaped the benefits of our unique language-learning techniques. An independent study by researchers at the City University of New York shows that in just 21 hours Babbel users cover an entire semester-worth of Spanish. Our users learnt Spanish 2.5x faster than those using other services and 99% of first-time users said they would continue to learn with Babbel.

Bite-sized lessons

All lessons on Babbel can be completed in 10-15 minutes because, as research proves, learning in short bursts is the most effective way to retain information. Our bite-sized lessons are time-efficient too, so your employees can fit learning a new language around their busy schedules. Whether during a long commute or over a mid-morning coffee, your employees can complete a full Babbel lesson and turn their down-time into time well spent.

Personalised review sessions

Babbel offers a function to review vocabulary from completed lessons, allowing the learners to target any weak-links and strengthen gaps in their vocabulary to build strong, effective foundations. Other language-learning apps will ask users to review content periodically, whereas Babbel is personalised to the individual meaning our users are constantly refreshing and strengthening their knowledge.

Speech recognition technology

Babbel gets you speaking right away. We use speech recognition technology to give our users the opportunity to practice, so your employees will soon feel confident to speak in their new language. Speaking a new language in a real-life setting can be intimidating and stressful, but our technique minimizes stress and maximizes gain.

Flexible learning

Babbel is designed to fit around busy schedules with each user’s progress synced across desktop, tablet or mobile. This means learners can pick up where they left off whether at home, in the office or out and about.

Holistic learning approach

No one learns a language through one medium. At Babbel we understand the importance of adapting techniques online, offline, and through additional learning materials. We provide a blended learning method through e-learning platforms and one-on-one online lessons with qualified teachers, leaving no language-learning stone unturned.

Business features

We’re business-focussed. Our support team can help you find the right language learning solution for your company and will support your team throughout its language journey. Our comprehensive Admin Portal allows you to manage learner profiles and regular usage reports give your an overview over the learners’ progress on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Besides that, we offer transferable accesses, which can come in handy when changes in your workforce occur.

The smart way to learn a new language

Babbel is the best-selling language learning app in the world. We’ve transformed the way people learn languages and, after launching in 2007, quickly became the world’s most innovative education company. We love that we get people speaking a new language almost immediately and are proud that 73% of our users can have simple conversations within the first five hours of using Babbel. What an achievement! 

We’ve named our (not so) secret ingredient The Babbel Method. Devised by our expert team of language researchers, this method uses cognitive psychology and pioneering didactic techniques to build courses designed to make learning fast, fun and effective. The method includes speech recognition technology, a review function to target areas to improve as well as courses tailored to your native language. The Babbel Method incorporates listening, speaking, seeing, reading and writing exercises to ensure a holistic approach to mastering a new language.


Babbel launches you into real-life conversations by:

  1. Using immersive, real-life dialogue scenarios to get you speaking right away
  2. Basing each course on your native language and personal interests
  3. Employing proven cognitive techniques that place new vocabulary in your long-term memory
  4. Using human voices and speech recognition to get you speaking confidently

Proven success

study conducted by researchers at Yale university and Michigan State University (MSU) confirmed what we already suspected: that Babbel is the fastest and most effective way to learn a new language in a busy office environment. This study asked employees from Sodexo, a Fortune 500 company, to test out Babbel over the course of ten weeks. The study found that these users loved to use Babbel even while managing a jam-packed schedule. The study also revealed that these users felt confident to communicate in their chosen language almost straight away, and that a reminder schedule actively motivated them to pick up their phones and get learning. 


Whatever your business, we have a package to suit the needs of your company and your employees. Babbel Basic is perfect for business customers who need full access to all course content, 14 learning languages, admin portal and synced devices. Babbel Professional is designed with account services, an onboarding webinar, business reporting as well as additional learning material in mind, and Babbel Intensive combines all these holistic learning benefits, and includes one-on-one Babbel Live lessons with qualified native speaker teachers for even more effective and goal-oriented learning.

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