Our Booklet on How to Master Digital Onboarding

Rethink your company’s onboarding experience

In times of remote work and limited office presence, growing teams face the challenge of onboarding new employees digitally. Based on our own experience as multilingual and digital-oriented language learning experts, we’ve developed a booklet full of practical tips, effective suggestions for improvement, and a helpful timeline as a template for any digital onboarding procedure.

 In our free booklet you’ll find clear answers to the following quesions:

  • How relevant is successful digital onboarding for your team, new employees, and the company as a whole?
  • How do digitally onboarded team members look back on their experience after a few months at the company?
  • What tips should you follow to optimize your digital onboarding procedure?
  • What are the challenges for internal communication?
  • How can Babbel for Business as an employee benefit effectively support digital onboarding?

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