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Facilitating An Easy Start In A New Country – With Babbel 

As an employee benefit, Babbel helps workers and their families get started in a new country.
Expat Help is a relocation agency based in Amsterdam and London that supports companies moving to the Netherlands and organizes integration for expats. From residence permits, work visas, and taxes, to finding offices, housing, and schools: the goal of the company is to help employees get started quickly and easily in their new home.

The Challenge

One of Expat Help’s customers is the European Medicines Agency (EMA). When they moved headquarters from London to Amsterdam, they contracted Expat Help to facilitate a smooth start for their English-speaking doctors.

“It was important for our customer that their employees quickly felt at ease in their new surroundings, both professionally and personally.”

Cathrina Lein, Relocation Specialist, Expat Help

The key was giving the employees and their families the opportunity to learn Dutch. The cost-benefit ratio and wide range of courses ended up being deciding factors: Expat Help integrated Babbel into the relocation package for their customer.

Why Babbel?

Without much effort, the English speakers were able to start learning Dutch in their free time. “Getting started with Babbel was super easy and uncomplicated,” says Cathrina Lein from Expat Help. The simple overview of all the lessons enabled each family member to find topics that interested them. The variety of themes relating to professional and personal life gave the users a wide range of lessons to freely choose from.

"Babbel was a great way to get a good foundation in Dutch before I moved to the Netherlands, in just a few minutes each day on my phone or at my desk."

Christopher Gadd, Babbel User 

The flexibility of e-learning, the clear structure of the Babbel app, and the bite-sized lessons also met the learners’ needs. With just 15 minutes a day (all it takes to complete a lesson), the employees and their families got a feel for the language and learned to have their first real-world conversations – whether in their daily professional life with patients or in their free time with their new neighbors.

With clear and regular usage reports from Babbel, Expat Help kept the municipality of Amsterdam, who funded the project, up to date.

After the 12-month period ended, many learners absolutely wanted to continue learning. Since Babbel continually adds new lessons, there’s always something new, even for advanced learners.


With the flexible and individualized learning content from Babbel, employees and their families quickly learned to have their first real conversations in Dutch. Thus were they able to meet new people and easily integrate into their surroundings.

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