Why Reminder Emails Are Important for the Learning Success of Your Employees

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Have you ever asked yourself why it’s actually so hard to keep your New Year’s resolutions? In order to form new habits, three things are necessary: repetition, motivation, and endurance. Here you’ll see just how important reminder emails are in actively supporting your employees as they develop successful study routines.

Numerous everyday problems can endanger a regular study routine: a full calendar, good excuses, lagging motivation, or even just simple procrastination. After all, anyone who’s already abandoned their New Year’s resolutions in February understands this problem well. However, we all know successful counterexamples: We already do so many things in our day automatically, such as brushing our teeth! So here you’ll see that with just a little effort, studying can become just like toothbrushing. Of course, at the beginning it’s hard for any learner to carve out the time and find their concentration. But the more consistently the act of learning is planned into your day and actually implemented, the easier it becomes to integrate learning into your daily rhythm. Consistency is the key to success: When you succeed in integrating studying into the rhythm of your everyday life, it won’t be long before you’re celebrating your successes.

The hardest part on the journey to developing your new habit is establishing a routine. That’s where short reminders come in: They motivate learners to organize their lessons and consistently return to studying. With this approach, you can actively support your team: Regular, short reminder emails — in a friendly, motivational tone and packed with helpful tips — set your employees on the path to learning success. 

Why reminder emails are important for the learning success of your employees

Of course, our Babbel for Business Account Management Team is here to help you draft these reminder emails, with helpful templates and numerous additional suggestions for what to include to keep your employees learning. For example, we’ll include tips about the learning process or special content tailored to the learning language or informative links to material on the B2B Blog — and this will create a motivational language learning experience at your company. In this way, learners will be able to use different approaches and different media to create successful new study habits.

Of course, it’s important to keep in mind that developing a study rhythm will come more naturally to some learners than others! In this case, it pays to engage your employees in conversation — find out exactly what’s troubling them, and then you can better understand how to surmount these hurdles successfully. Additional tips to engage reminders to maximize employee language learning success include setting up reminder notices on the company calendar, hanging motivational posters, and organizing community language lunches or study contests where employees can share their successes with each other. 

With the help of these small but effective reminders, your team will quickly develop a regular study rhythm and great new learning habits!

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Svenja Blessner, Language Learning Expert

Svenja is passionate about language learning trends, product development, and traveling. Having lived and worked in six different countries around the globe, she’s convinced that being able to communicate across languages and cultures is not only the key to the world but also to personal and professional success.

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