Why Language Learning Is a Popular Corporate Benefit

Providing your employees with language training is not only a great employee benefit, but it also contributes to the success of your company. How?

1. It strengthens your business operations. 

Language learning encourages employees to get out of their comfort zone, build confidence, and feel empowered. This will, in turn, strengthen your business operations, as employees will be more likely to communicate with international colleagues and partners, speak up in meetings or take a call with from a foreign number. 

2. It makes employees more engaged.

Language learning implies motivation and strategy. It involves attention and autonomy. The more these skills develop, the more they help employees connect with customers and business partners on a personal level. Building trust and positioning themselves for career growth leads employees to feel more engaged in their business activities.

3. It increases productivity.

Language barriers, which are likely to rise in an international work environment, can lead to miscommunication and inefficiency. By offering corporate language training, you will organically and systematically prevent language barriers from affecting your business and make your team's collaboration more efficient.

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4. It drives loyalty.

Providing your employees with opportunities for personal and professional development drive employee retention more than salary raises and bonuses. By offering language learning, employees will feel valued and more loyal to your company.

5. It attracts globally aware millennials.

By 2025, millennials will make up 75% of the global workforce. This generation is optimistic about the impact of technology and innovation and sees itself thriving in an international, multilingual workplace. Many companies are now relying on language training to make themselves attractive to young entrepreneurs.


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