Tip 5 on Motivation: 5 Tips for Effective Language Learning at Work

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Welcome to our last tip on effective language learning at work. If you've followed the previous four tips, you’re well-equipped to start learning a new language at work. But you might come back to this tip in a few weeks: For most learners, motivation doesn’t become a challenge for a while. But don’t worry, we're here to help!

5. Motivation: How do you stay excited to learn?

At Babbel for Business, we’ve developed successful methods for fueling and ensuring long-term excitement for learning. Thanks to our years of experience with customers from different sectors and use cases and thanks to our hundred-person team of learning experts, we’re glad to offer our effective help. You can simply contact us

We’ve also prepared an overview of our favorite motivation tips. All the tips focus on enriching and structuring your learning experience. 

On the one hand, diverse media and practice scenarios show the practical use of a new language, make learning interesting and challenging, and provide entertainment. That includes our learner videos and language lunches.

On the other hand, structuring your learning helps you stay goal-oriented, measure your success, and anchor language learning in your everyday life. That includes setting SMART goals or new learning plans developed by us on request.

Try out our favorite motivation tips: 

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Raised bilingually, Thea is invested in intercultural communication. She sees language learning at the intersection of individual education and globalisation.

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