Tip 4 on Content and Duration: 5 Tips for Effective Language Learning at Work

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In our last 4 tips, we've explained how to create the best learning environment at work. In this article, we're exploring what you should learn for how long to make sure that your language learning at work is successful. 

4. Content and duration: What do you learn and how do you organize your learning time?

Babbel’s recommendation is to learn for 20 minutes, three times a week, by finishing a lesson and using the Review Manager to practice. How long a session lasts depends on whether you want to finish a lesson (ca. 10 - 15 minutes), followed by the Review Manager to practice what you’ve already learned (another 5 minutes), or whether you, if your company offers Babbel Intensive, get a 1:1 online video session (30 minutes). You can choose how often you do a learning session, what features you use, and what lessons you use from the beginning.

The flexibility of our language courses allows for a great deal of control and responsibility. Did you know that 90 percent of companies particularly value the flexibility of digital learning? At Babbel for Business, we combine flexibility with goal-oriented efficiency.

For you, that means that the occasion to learn a language is generally related to your work: That’s why you learn, for example, Business English, to negotiate better internationally, lead subject-oriented presentations, or promote specific company goals. For each goal, the Babbel e-learning platform offers a wide choice of carefully prepared and relevant lessons.

On request, we also create learning plans that lay out the relevant courses for your learning goal. So make sure you know what learning goals fit with your company’s goals. Your learning progress is available to you and is shared with your company in usage reports.

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THEA BOHN, Team Lead Content Marketing B2B

Raised bilingually, Thea is invested in intercultural communication. She sees language learning at the intersection of individual education and globalisation.

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