Tip 1 on Concentration: 5 Tips for Effective Language Learning at Work

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In the following weeks, we're sharing 5 tips for effective language learning at work. Find out more about our first tip in this article.

Already 77 percent of companies offer digital learning options or plan to introduce them. That makes learning in the workplace a relevant topic that will grow in importance in the near future. We ask how language learning at work can have the most successful outcome ⁠— and how typical mistakes can be avoided. Read up on the most important observations.

1. Concentration: What should you do before learning at work?

Successfully learning and practicing a new language is directly affected by your ability to concentrate. Like with deep work, successful language learning requires uninterrupted concentration. Find the right environment to positively influence your concentration.

Is your computer a central part of your work? If you learn with Babbel on desktop, it’s better to close your email or log out of your company intranet. If you use an internal chat program at work, you can turn on the “do not disturb” mode while you’re learning.

In everyday life, your phone is also a common source of distraction. We suggest putting your phone away completely or turning on flight mode. If you’re learning with Babbel on your phone, you can download your lessons beforehand and then learn offline in flight mode. Alternatively, you can learn online without interruption with the “do not disturb” mode on your phone.

To help you focus on the language during your lesson, let your manager and colleagues know that you have to concentrate. That way you have their understanding and time to learn without being interrupted. For transparency, it’s also useful to mark your learning times in your work calendar. And last but not least, prepare yourself mentally for learning so that you can get started right away with the right focus.

Short concentration checklist: 

  • Is your phone put away or in flight mode?
  • Are your emails and chats on your computer deactivated?
  • Is your learning time marked in your calendar?
  • Do you have a general understanding from your team?
  • Are you mentally prepared for learning?

Where is the best place to learn? Find out in tip 2.


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Raised bilingually, Thea is invested in intercultural communication. She sees language learning at the intersection of individual education and globalisation.

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