Why Should Companies Invest in Language Training via Video?

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The Covid-19 pandemic has touched every country in the world, each on its own timeline. The future remains uncertain as the world waits for the vaccine to be rolled out. Even the best-laid business plans have been upended — but business leaders in many companies are still making decisions about how to invest their resources in 2021, particularly when it comes to investing in their own workforce. Google and Amazon have already announced that they will continue letting their employees work remotely into 2021, but many companies have followed Twitter’s even bolder lead in letting employees work from home permanently — including Facebook, Square, Slack, Shopify, and Zillow. 

In the midst of so much turbulence, it’s important to note that the pandemic hasn’t fundamentally changed the most major trend in business. Though it has accelerated and compounded the effects of technological change as well as remote and international work, the underlying context is the same: forward-thinking businesses will keep trending towards a global perspective, and an increased focus on multilingual and multicultural teams will be a predictable result.

Why investing in video language training is a future-proof strategy

For companies to thrive even in a time of relative crisis, the current issues must be addressed with an eye on the future — and as the above tech companies have shown through their own leadership, sometimes the best defense against uncertainty is also a good offense. While multilingual teams offer many advantages, they also present new communications challenges for companies. Fortunately, Babbel for Business offers elegant solutions. 

While safety must remain a priority while the world continues to find its footing with its pandemic response, there’s no reason why companies can’t invest in team development and training programs to strengthen their workforce during that time. Fortunately, investing in language training via video through Babbel for Business in 2021 is a safe and proactive investment strategy for companies. The language learning platform accomplishes multiple things at once: it protects a company’s existing business during the pandemic by streamlining and strengthening team communication, and it positions companies to leap into future growth opportunities once the world returns to business as usual.

Babbel for Business offers companies flexible video language learning solutions

Because all companies do business differently, a video language learning solution should not take a one-size-fits-all strategy. That’s why Babbel for Business offers different approaches to language learning:

  • Companies who want to improve their workforce’s language skills as well as team spirit may want to use Babbel Live, which provides a comprehensive curriculum with group lessons on an adjustable scale to fit your team’s needs.
  • For companies looking to more rapidly improve their teams’ language skills through one-on-one tutoring, Babbel Intensive may be a better fit. 

Babbel's language learning platform offers curriculums for 14 different languages with a focus on business related topics, along with access to certified teachers and data to track progress. 

Scientifically proven language learning method

According to a 2016 study conducted by an independent research collaboration between PhD-level professors at Queens College and the University of South Carolina, Babbel was successful at significantly improving Spanish proficiency for 92% of study participants. The results also showed that the effect of using Babbel’s language learning platform for 21 hours over a two-month period was equivalent to one college semester of Spanish classes.

In the context of companies working with a multilingual workforce, a case study with Sodexo has shown how useful Babbel for Business’s language learning platform can be. Sodexo is one of the world’s largest multinational corporations, with 420,000 employees representing 120 different nationalities. The study focused specifically on strengthening native English-speaking employees’ Spanish skills, and strengthening native Spanish-speaking employees’ English. By following Babbel’s 15-minute lessons during breaks and on work commutes, 90% of participants said they gained in self-confidence and self-efficacy in their work communications.

Going into 2021, Babbel for Business can offer the same results to companies of all sizes through its flexible video language learning options at affordable price points and unaffected by health measures or restrictions.

The future of business is still bright with video language learning

Without a doubt, companies and business leaders must make careful and wise financial decisions going into 2021. While Covid-19 has slowed down growth plans and stunted team members’ personal growth, it has also offered an opportunity for businesses to re-evaluate practices and consider new ways to evolve. With Babbel for Business’s video language learning options, companies have a unique opportunity to bet confidently and boldly on a bright future — all while strengthening the individual connections that make it all possible.


Lea Naschberger, Content Project Manager

Lea is an expert in HR topics such as employee benefits or corporate learning. She believes that multilingual teams are the key to success.

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