Increase Awareness About Your Babbel Program Through Your Organization’s Intranet

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So you’ve signed up for Babbel, and you’re excited to give your employees the opportunity to gain new language skills, but how can you make sure everyone knows about it? One of the most effective tools might be your organization’s intranet!

Your intranet is most likely the digital space that your employees visit most regularly — perhaps to request vacation time, access shared files, explore another department’s projects, or sign up for training events. Perhaps you even have your own internal academy or human resources team that specializes in managing your learning and development programs. By integrating the details of your Babbel program into this framework, you can create awareness, provide further details, and maybe even create a space for people to share their experiences.  

What is the best way to represent Babbel on your intranet?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, but we have a couple of ideas and possibilities. Hopefully one will work for you!

  • Spotlight box: Create a special feature on the homepage of your intranet with the Babbel logo and a simple line of text — something like “Learn a language at work with Babbel!” — and include a hyperlink to your learning and development pages where they can find out more information.
  • Training catalog: Perhaps you have an online catalog with details of all the learning opportunities that your employees have access to (such as computer skills, management skills, or technical skills). Add the Babbel program to the catalog so that people know that it’s a possibility and can get in touch!
  • Benefits page: Is there a section of your intranet dedicated to the additional benefits that your company offers? Perhaps employees get discounts at certain stores, or corporate membership at a gym, or reimbursement for public transportation tickets? Why not add Babbel so that they can start benefiting from a language program, too!
  • Contact person: Some people just love to chat, so it can also be a good idea to include a brief overview of the Babbel program to which your company subscribes, along with the name of the person responsible for the program. You never know who might reach out!

If you need any support in how to represent Babbel on your intranet, just let us know! We’re happy to provide you with images and texts to fit the specific needs of your organization. Hope to hear from you soon!

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Sophie Harwood, Editor for Business English

Sophie has a background in business communications, corporate training, and academic language teaching. In her role at Babbel, she aims to encourage a passion for learning and to equip learners with the precise language and confidence they need to succeed in any situation.


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