Here’s Why the Finance Industry Should Bank on Babbel 

Here’s Why the Finance Industry Should Bank on Babbel  -unless-

Believe it or not, the banking industry and Babbel go way back. Ever since we launched our industry-specific learning courses, we’ve been working alongside a diverse range of financial institutions, including brick-and-mortar international banks, digital banks, and independent local banks. It doesn’t matter what size, shape, or form — when it comes to banking, Babbel has you covered.

Why language learning is important in the banking industry

According to a 2016 report by, more than 1 in every 12 people in the US are limited proficient English (LEP) and, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, are likely to struggle with day-to-day tasks including accessing financial products and services. 

With this in mind, the more employees proficient in a wide range of languages, the easier it is for your bank to provide a happy, relaxed, and stress-free customer experience. In our increasingly connected world, it’s becoming more common for people to leave their home countries to seek challenges and economic security elsewhere. As a result it’s never been more crucial that multi-linguists are placed front and center of customer service strategies. 

So we know that a diverse range of languages is key to a happy customer –– but what about international partnerships? As local turns global and analog turns digital, networks expand and with that come new, multi-lingual partnerships. Connecting with these partners is paramount to building healthy relationships, and there’s no better way of showing respect to a new culture than by taking the time to learn their language. 

There’s a ton of benefits for your employees, too. Giving your team the opportunity to learn a new language not only expands their horizons but boosts their motivation. With a new language they can communicate with their colleagues from overseas branches, carving a clear pathway to a more senior role –– not to mention the confidence boost that comes with successfully learning a new language. 

Babbel for the banking industry

Why Babbel?

At the core of Babbel’s offering is convenience and flexibility. With our award-winning app learners can carry their lessons around in their pockets so they can complete our bite-size, digestible tasks whenever and wherever they like — whether on desktop or mobile, at home, or on the bus. And, with Babbel for Business, you pay a cost-effective flat-rate according to the needs of your employees.

In the banking industry, flexibility is key. At Babbel we know how fast-paced the financial sector can be, which is why our lessons are tailored to the needs of each individual –– so they can start where they left off. Not only is this cost-efficient but it’s time-efficient too, so your employees don’t need to make time for face-to-face lessons on top of all their other tasks. And, in an industry that’s often travel-dependent, your learners can take Babbel with them on business trips, making those lengthy stop-overs and long-haul flights slightly more bearable.

And the best bit: our team of linguists have developed language courses specific to the banking industry. Our lessons cover commercial banking, investment banking, stocks, shares, mergers, acquisitions, and many more finance-related topics. Armed with this industry-specific language, your employees will be able to manage any work situation professionally and efficiently. 

Babbel for Business also provides live online tutorials to target the challenges of language-learning in-depth. These online tutorials are held with native speakers to provide learners with regular opportunities to clarify complicated grammatical rules and to get all their language-related questions answered. These tutorials also provide a platform for learners to practice speaking, which will boost their confidence in face-to-face, real-life situations. 


Babbel is committed to ensuring that every intrepid language explorer starts speaking quickly and with confidence. Babbel’s language-learning solution is suited to the fast-paced, global-facing world of banking, so whatever your language needs — from mergers to mortgages to marketing — you can bank on Babbel.


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