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The order of the day is to stay at home, and even though many of us have been working remotely for a while, it doesn’t mean we don’t have room to switch up our routine. In fact, with the days seeming to blend into one, it’s more important than ever to inject a bit of color into your schedule — and we know exactly the way to do it. 

Babbel has always championed digital language learning, however, we’ve taken our offering a step further with our Babbel Intensive feature. We know many companies offer classroom language lessons to their employees as part of a benefit package, so now that offices are closed, don’t let that hard work fall by the wayside. Simply move it online instead!

Why remote language learning?

Remote face-to-face language lessons are a great idea if your employees are working from home — especially if your company was offering classroom lessons in the workplace. Why? With remote language lessons, the learner will experience hands-on tutoring by video with a professional teacher. The learner will experience the same format as a classroom lesson online, designed to improve their speaking skills and ensure those previous language lessons aren’t forgotten. It means all that investment won’t go to waste, and your employees will continue to progress on their learning journey.

Remote language learning will also inject a bit of variety into working from home, as the lessons will add much-needed social interaction to the working day. Plus, with all of it taking place in cyberspace, it’s a fraction of the cost of classroom learning. So if you want to encourage your employees to continue their progress, or simply get them started on their journey, now is the time to go online!

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Why Babbel for Business?

With our Babbel for Business products, we offer various solutions for companies to take advantage of our online language courses. 

With Babbel Professional your team has access to our language learning app as well as extensive onboarding, motivational materials, monthly user reports, an annual business review, and a designated account manager. With Babbel Intensive you’ll have access to all of the above as well as premium support for users plus individual sessions with a certified teacher to guide your learners along their learning journey in just the same way a classroom teacher would.  

With Babbel Intensive, your employees will have access to face-to-face lessons that won’t just hone their speaking skills, they’ll boost their confidence too! The learner can work at their own pace and book lessons that fit around their schedule. The teachers have access to the learner’s level and can develop a program tailored to the individual’s needs and goals. In this sense, the learner gets a more personalized experience than they would in a classroom environment, for a fraction of the cost. 

At Babbel, we pride ourselves on getting our learners speaking fast, and Babbel Intensive is the perfect way to practice those skills in a real-world setting. There’s no better way to get confident speaking in a secure environment on a wide range of topics that align with the needs of your company. And the best part — the learner will have an uplifting interaction with a friendly face outside their household!

With Babbel Intensive, your learners will reap the benefits from these unique aspects of our offering:

  • Learner focused, with lessons tailored to the goals of the individual
  • A focus on conversations and sector-specific real-world situations
  • Onboarding video for learners to ensure a smooth start
  • A combination of Babbel Intensive and the Babbel language learning platform provides a blended learning experience

As well as these feature benefits, 1:1 video lessons are by far the most efficient way to gain confidence in speaking and prepare employees for successful customer interactions. This saves money for the company in the long term. Without language barriers, your employees can execute sales efficiently and build a positive rapport with your customers for long-lasting, lucrative relationships.

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Carla Pieper, Digital Learning Specialist 

Carla is passionate about trends and best practices in language learning, digitization and diversity. At Babbel, the learning success of her customers is particularly important to her.

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