Tip 2 on Learning Place: 5 Tips for Effective Language Learning at Work

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In our second of five tips on effective language learning at work, we cover everything about the learning place. Did you ever wonder where to start your learning session? Or did your team ask for help with finding a room for their language learning? Find out how to turn the workplace into a learning space.

2. Tip on Place: Where at work do you learn best?

Depending on your office space, looking for the ideal place at work for learning can be tricky. The requirements for a learning space can be quite different from your normal working space. To help you find a fitting learning space in your office, we’ve put together this checklist.

Are these typical learning scenarios possible in your learning space?

  • You can use Babbel comfortably on the device of your choice.
  • You can practice pronouncing words or sentences out loud. 
  • It’s quiet enough for you to focus on completing sentences or longer texts.
  • You have relatively few distractions from your coworkers.
  • You can stay there long enough to complete your lesson.
  • You can connect to the internet in case you want to learn online or download lessons for learning offline.
  • For Babbel Intensive: You have access to the internet to start the video session for your 1:1 language course.

Keep an eye out for these requirements when you’re looking for the right place to learn. And don’t worry: You can still learn effectively even if only a few of the requirements are met.

Based on your learning requirements, there are a few typical working spaces that work well: phone booths, free meeting rooms, quiet working rooms, seating corners in open-space offices, hot desks — but also your own desk. If you can learn effectively and comfortably there, then we have one suggestion for you: A clean desk promotes a clear mind. So make sure that you reduce the visual reminders of your normal work by clearing away your work material.

Check out tip 3 of our tips for effective language learning at work — what is the best time to learn?

THEA BOHN, Team Lead Content Marketing B2B

Raised bilingually, Thea is invested in intercultural communication. She sees language learning at the intersection of individual education and globalisation.

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